Ken’s Movie Diary 2017 – Week 3: S***uary… Buddies Week

Weekly Update: This month Hawk Ripjaw and I are doing “Shituary”, in which we watch themed bad movies each week.  Week 3’s topic consists of 5 movies from the “Buddies” series of direct to video Puppy movies…. There I said it, and have no regrets. And of course, I also watched the usual brand of random other films…

Curious what else I’ve seen this year? -Click here to read the full list of movies viewed year to date-

27. Space Buddies (2009)

Space Buddies tells the story of a group of puppies that accidentally get aboard a spaceship. Hawk Ripjaw and I em”bark”ed on a true journey of discovery. The “Air Buddies” movies are truly “ruff” watches for anyone above the age of 10.  But still, the movies are quite “fetch”ing for direct to DVD releases… I think I might be coughing up blood…

28. Santa Buddies (2009)

Christmas is threatened by lack of Christmas spirit, and it’s up to the “Buddies” to save the day, mostly through a series of scenes designed to be hallmark card cute.  The film even includes one dog so cute its almost malicious, as if some kind of evil force took hold on the filmmakers to overwhelm the audience with cuteness. There’s no point discussing the plot, other than to say there isn’t one.  George Wendt plays a very drunk, possibly ill-looking Santa Claus. Christopher Lloyd plays the evil dog catcher, who never quite gets to be as evil as you’d want.

29. Moonlight (2016)

Chiron is a Miami-area boy who is tormented by his classmates, small and weak, and teased endlessly for being different.  The film also explores Chiron in his teenage years struggling with his sexual identity, and as a 20-something adult living a life he perhaps never planned for. Each period of his life combines to a greater whole in the study of this nuanced character.  The film is beautifully shot, features several very powerful performances, and carries with it a humanistic message that is very important in this modern age.

30. Spooky Buddies (2011)

Somehow, I actually kind of enjoyed watching this movie.  No, it wasn’t good, but it was entertaining throughout.  The movie thoroughly embraces its dumbness… or maybe it was Stockholm Syndrome. The movie features Harland Williams as “Warwick the Warlock” who is trying to summon the “Howloween Hound”, who has the power to summon the ghost dimension upon the world. Only a small group of little puppies can save the day!

31. Treasure Buddies (2012)

Whatever good came of Spooky Buddies wore off fast here.  This Indiana Jones ripoff features cheap sets, and a terribly dull storyline. The buddies journey to Egypt to find the tomb of Cleocatra (get it, because it is Cleopatra’s cat… get it?), and along the way encounter bedouins, thick-accented monkeys, and thorough cultural insensitivity.

32. Demon (2016)

When a wedding is interrupted by the groom suddenly being possessed by a  dybbuk, the father of the bride and groomsmen work tirelessly to conceal this from the partygoers, taking increasingly ludicrous risks in the process. This Polish film garnered controversy shortly after its debut when its director killed himself. This takes a lot of focus off of the film itself, and is counterproductive. What Demon really presents is horror film with ink black comedy throughout, satirizing the hidden past of a generation of people often touted as The Greatest Generation. The problem with leaving skeletons hidden (quite literally in this movie’s case) is they tend to find their way out…

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