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ivoryHAUS: “ivoryHAUS” (Music Review)

By: Rob Perez (Three Beers) –

OK, here’s a new one. An album that is dedicated towards the fight against the ivory trade. Hence, 25% of the proceeds from ivoryHAUS will go to Save the Elephants. Is that enough for you to check this album out? Maybe the very atmospheric tone of this really well produced debut album will get you to give ivoryHAUS  a listen.







ivoryHAUS the artist (Noa Spott) is a multi-talented musician blessed with the ability to play bass, drums, and piano. Yet ivoryHAUS the album has a very strong EDM vibe, with an added touch of trance included in the mix. Still, the ambient feeling will be the major draw here, with each track blending nicely into each other.

Take about three beers and give it a listen. It’s a good album with a good cause attached to it.

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