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How to do Post-Production for Your Video?

By: MovieBoozer Staff –

In my opinion, this is the most difficult period of production, because all of the people that are involved with post-production have to turn something that may be incredibly flawed, with awful camera work, angles, shaking, etc into something tolerable. 

Hours of awfully shot content in the hands of crafty editors, color correctors, special effects masters, sound engineers, and many other people who participate in the process can be turned into if not a masterpiece, then at least into something quite decent. And what can I say, if a director knew what they were doing, everything will be fine for the guys who do the post-production. 

Let’s start from the beginning. One of the main processes during post-production is the process of making a montageIt, just like writing a script, is not a simple process and you cannot just rush through it; it will affect the final result. 

In general, in my opinion, the editing director is one of the important figures in the process of making a film/video  they, like a screenwriter, director, and cameraman, can drastically change the way you perceive the final product. Surely, you’ve seen movies that were not bad in terms of their concept, but, for example, the director of the film wasn’t able to get that concept and was riding their own wave throughout the shooting process (this is what often happens with art-house directors when they try to direct a big movie). Thus, a guy in charge of editing is the one who can hide all of these issues, or at least do some decent job at it (unless, of course, the director of a movie is editing it themselves). 

That’s why editors go through several stages of post-production – the first one (the draft), the second one is a polished version of a draft, and then there’s the final cut of a movie (there are also lots of other different cuts of a movie that can be thrown out by a director). 

If you want to learn about the process of post-production, then you should learn from the very best. Be sure to check out the following article about post-production and its components: https://cinema-friends.com/services/post-production. 

Material selection 

First, you should not neglect such a process as the selection of material – viewing all the content that was shot – this way you will immediately understand all the things that will have to be changed. If a movie doesn’t have a budget and is shot for a creative purpose, it may be quite hard to do post-production. Often, one scene shot in a different mood can change the tone of an entire movie (given that this scene generally affects the course of events). Also, it is during this process that you have to point out all the moments of bad camerawork, shaking, desync of sound and video, etc. 

Moreover, an editor should start analyzing the footage as early as the later stages of shooting. This is because deadlines are usually broken due to post-production. 

Rough cut 

The second stage is a rough cut. It’s an important component of the process because you may never know what will a director think about your work. It is likely that the shots that were important to a director and their vision for the final product are completely incompatible. Also, at this stage of post-production, you should be able to understand what things will have to be thrown out and how can you cut corners to leave only the most important stuff in place. 

Things like color correction and the addition of visual effects, sound, and all things of that nature are done during this stage of post-production. 

Final cut 

This is the end of a long and tedious journey. Everything is in place, all the frames have been checked, all the camerawork has been fixed, and all the colors have been corrected. This is a time for experimentation – “and what will happen if we do it this way … or let’s rearrange the scenes … and let’s do everything in the reverse order.” At this moment, there is hardly any cardinal change in direction of production of a video/movie; however, it is during the final stage of post-production that some important nuances and new editions to a movie can be made. 

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