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Dep: “We Are The Lights That Will Not Go Out” (Music Review)

By: Rob Perez (Three Beers) –

Like it or not, electronic dance music (EDM) is here to stay. Yes, some of us are too cool to admit to liking it but seriously, Dep’s new We Are The Lights That Will Not Go Out album is one of the best of the genre. And we’re not kidding. We loved this album enough to give it multiple listens.

Dep, a veteran of the electronic scene, made his mark writing and producing his own music for years. It culminates in this very listenable, uplifting, atmospheric project that will definitely leave you in high spirits after just one listen.

Be aware some of the songs are long, such as the opening track, the very grand, suspenseful-sounding “Inhale, Exhale”. One track that stands out, “We Will Never Fall” begins dark and ends hopeful, but in between the electronic sounds are just so very vibrant. “We Must Be Strong” ends on a bang, but it’s another grab sure to grab you.

If EDM is just not gonna make it on your playlist then there’s no point in trying to convert you. But if you are willing to put your aversion to the side and give this album a listen, you’ll find that this, with three beers at the ready, will find a place on your music library.



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