‘Civil War’ Leads, Yet Bleeds, ‘Money Monster’ Surprises

By: Matt Conway – 

Despite there being a clear number one this weekend, there were quite a few interesting developments this weekend at the box office.


Repeating in first place is Captain America: Civil War, earning 72.5 million dollars this weekend. A 59% drop-off from last weekend is about on par with Avengers: Age of Ultron last year, but feels a bit steep considering how much better the word of mouth is for this film.

Even with Civil War performing ever so slightly below industry expectations, it’s certainly business as usual with Marvel. Their winning track record continues to grow, with hit after hit breaking the bank. Thanks to great reviews (90% on Rotten Tomatoes) and a fantastic marketing effort, it’s no surprise this film has drawn in a sizable audience.

Captain America: Civil War has earned 295.8 million dollars so far on a 250 million dollar budget, making this already a huge success. Look for this film to close somewhere over the 400 million dollar mark domestically.


Placing in second yet again is The Jungle Book, which continued Disney’s run at the top of the box office. The live-action flick earned 17.7 million dollars this weekend. After a steep drop off last weekend, The Jungle Book stabilized nicely, dropping a mere 27%. Disney has to be over the moon with this film’s success, as it has become one of their biggest live-action hits.

The Jungle Book has earned 311.7 million dollars so far on a 175 million dollar budget, making it yet another huge hit for Disney.

Money Monster

Opening in third place this weekend is Money Monster, which ended up being a pleasant surprise. The economic thriller earned a solid 15 million dollars. Much predictions had the film earning a little more than half of that, so distributor TriStar has to be happy.

A lot of the credit has to go to the prestige this picture presents. Stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts are two of the best and most-respected veterans working today, and Jodie Foster is proving herself to be a force as a director. Most importantly, the film made for some solid counter-programming this weekend, appealing to an adult demographic that had been ignored in the mainstream marketplace.

Money Monster only cost a modest 27 million dollars to make, meaning it’s on its way to being a hit. Word of mouth will play an interesting role, with reviews being fairly split down the middle (55% on Rotten Tomatoes).


Also opening this weekend was The Darkness, which earned 5.1 million dollars in fourth place. While that gross is quite mild, one must take in consideration how modest the expectations for the film were considering the lack of marketing and smaller theater count (around 1,700 theaters). For Blumhouse’s sibling company High Top Releasing, this was actually their best debut, besting the debut of Green Inferno last year.

The Darkness only cost 4 million dollars, meaning this film is already in the green going forward. It will likely drop off quickly, but it will at least make a decent profit.

maxresdefault (42)

Leading the specialty market this weekend is Sing Street, which earned 636,000 thousand dollars in 525 theaters. That equates to a modest 1,211 dollars per theater, a mark that may not be strong enough for the film to expand much further nationwide. Fairing slightly better was The Man Who Knew Infinity, which earned 535,828 dollars in 194 theaters.

Here is the Rest of the Top 10:

5. Mother’s Day – Gross: 3.2 million
6. Zootopia – Gross: 2.8 million
7. The Huntsman: Winter’s War – 2.5 million
8. Keanu – 1.9 million
9. Barbershop: The Next Cut – 1.6 million
10. The Boss – 1.1 million

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