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Chris Lastovicka: “Fortune Has Turned” (Music Review)

By: Rob Perez –

The Bible hasn’t been the source of inspiration for much of today’s music. But Chris Lastovicka has drawn from it in his beautiful classical work, Fortune Has Turned. Drawing from The Book of Job specifically, his classical EP includes wonderful pieces written specifically for horns and piano. Chris has enlisted a powerhouse cast of musicians to create a wonderful, creative, sometimes downtrodden, but everlasting musical journey that is unlike anything heard today.

The musical arrangements on each track are complicated musical compositions, but if even if you are a classical music neophyte, it won’t be difficult to understand that what you’re hearing is musical wonderment. You’ll come away appreciating the mastery in the music.

With these five, wondrous tracks (“The 7th Chapter of Job”, “Abraxas”, “The Tender Ones”, “Shanti”, “The End of Tyranny”) you will hear the genius of Chris Lastovicka, and hear some of the most exquisite musical pieces recorded in this day and age.

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