Box Office Preview: Tepid New Releases Enter Quiet Summer Weekend

By: Matt Conway –

After Civil War came, saw, and conquered the box office last weekend, this week presents audiences with two mild releases that are likely to muster modest attention.

Money Monster

The release that does have a bit of potential is Money Monster, the George Clooney and Julia Roberts Wall Street thriller. The film will pose as an interesting wild card this weekend.

Distributor TriStar does deserve some credit for doing their homework. The release date was a strong choice, being the kind of adult-oriented film that performs will in a summer season full of blockbusters. The presence of stars Clooney, Roberts, and Jodie Foster in the director’s chair is a big boost, with the trio all appealing to an older demographic. Reviews at the moment are fairly good, with a Rotten Tomatoes score around 65%.

Whether the film’s Wall Street thriller storyline can appeal to audiences, though, is a mystery. Wall Street movies typically are very hit or miss at the box office, which is a dicey proposition. Marketing has also been fairly modest, presenting a mostly trite-looking thriller.

Money Monster should get off to an ok start this weekend. A debut around 8-11 million should be expected, but don’t be shocked if it can slightly surpass that figure.


Also opening this weekend is The Darkness. This is the latest low-budget horror film that is opening in only a semi-wide release (1,500 theaters), in order to only appeal to genre fans. There are some attractive elements here, like a respectable cast led by Kevin Bacon and some solid viral marketing efforts, both likely helping drawing in horror fans.

However, it’s hard to be all that excited for a movie that has its ceiling so limited. Distributor High Top Releasing is not marketing the film aside from social media, meaning they are solely relying on teens and genre fans. Add that with the theater count limitations, and it’s hard to expect all that much.

The Darkness should perform very modestly this weekend. Expect a debut around 3-6 million dollars.

Projected Top 5 (Last Weekend: 5 out of 5, like Steph Curry)


1. Captain America: Civil War – 80 million
2. Jungle Book – 15 million
3. Money Monster – 11 million
4. Mother’s Day – 6 million
5. The Darkness – 4.5 million

Bar of Success

Money Monster should at least bank in at 10 million this weekend. The Darkness, on the other hand, is fine around 4 million.

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