Batman v. Superman: Whoever Wins, We Lose (Dollars out our Wallets)

By: Henry J. Fromage –

Well, there’s certainly no mystery what the top film of the weekend is going to be.  Irrespective of quality (34% on RT and review snippets like “basically a dumpster fire” don’t offer much hope there), Batman v. Superman is going to be huge, which is what happens with that title, this long of a marketing lead, and a 4,200 theater opening which qualifies as the biggest “pre-summer” opening there’s been.  Expectations then, are the biggest “pre-summer” opening, topping The Hunger Games‘ $152.5 opening, a record that’s held since 2012.  Well, I say summer’s here…


…everywhere but Wisconsin…

…and am going to post a very optimistic $165 million debut.  I might seem “batty”, but I’m “super”–fucking terrible at puns.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding opened in 2002.  I honestly don’t know who or what could possibly have convinced… whatever Gold Circle Entertainment is that a sequel was in demand, but there’s worse plays than putting up such a middle-aged female/old folks-friend flick up against a blockbuster that categorically isn’t.   My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 only cost $18 million to make.  Let’s get frisky and predict it to make that back over the weekend.


Who are you people?

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