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Aza Nabuko: Aza Nabuko EP (Music Review)

By: Rob Perez –

In just 6 tracks, Aza Nabuko has delivered what the future will sound like. A musical prodigy, the 16 year old plays every instrument on her self-titled debut album. Her unique voice stands above everything else, as the EP has an old soul feel coming from the teen prodigy. Her lyrics project plenty of maturity, but also strong songwriting and musical arrangements. Her lyrics kick ass, unapologetic and easy to follow. There’s no hidden meaning, she just comes out and says what’s on her mind like on the opening track “Strangers”, where Aza sings “You treat me like dirt so you can walk all over me,” to open the EP.









When listening to the EP you easily forget these tracks are coming from a 16-year-old’s perspective. It’s a strong debut from a powerful new artist that has shown genuine, real music exists and it’s what we have to look forward to from Aza.

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