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By: Henry J. Fromage –
We’ve had writers for MovieBoozer move into some cool professional arenas over the years, several of them in the movie industry, and I’m pleased to present this project by our own Amelia Solomon as something well worth your attention and support:
I’m campaigning to raise money for Adversity, a comedic web series that I co-created, co-wrote, and am also one of the Executive Producers. I need to raise $35,300 so I can successfully film six ten-minute episodes that comprise the first half of Season One.  You can help me make this show by backing it at:
Why so much money, you ask?
It may seem like a lot, but that amount, when divided by six episodes, is only $5,900 per episode. And that amount to film and complete post-production on what starts as a 10 page script, that takes two 12-hour days to film is a bare bones budget. I’ve been able to amass a lot of talented people to join Adversity. People that laughed so hard when they read the script, that they were willing to donate their expertise and time to the project!
But there are certain costs I still have to deal with. Things like food, insurance, locations, permits, sound, and post-production services must be paid for. Most of the people on this project are sacrificing wages because they believe in the potential of this show. All I ask is if you like the concept of Adversity to just help me out, in any amount, so I can get this project made! What is it about, you ask?
Adversity follows eight writers in a TV-network diversity fellowship, designed to cater to PC culture, who compete for a staff position, while being led by a racist, washed-up TV exec left over from the days before cable. It’s a satire, but Adversity could not be a more topical showWhat happens if I donate?
Great question! I’m heavy into pre-production, with most of the leads cast, half the crew hired, many locations secured, and a target shoot date of Mid-May. But with your help, I will be able to film and complete post-production on all six episodes. So, you can help me make this show happen! Will I ever see the show anywhere?
You bet! I will be taking all episodes of Season One as a package to sell at the American Film Market in November 2018 to distribution companies. If I’m unable to make a sale, I will be submitting this show to be aired on Amazon Prime. That’s not a bad back-up plan, is it? My team and I also have been talking to two independent production companies and two streaming outlets that have shown interest in the project from its inception. One of them is National Lampoon! Will I recognize anyone in the cast?
With the help of our genius Casting Director, I compiled an amazing ensemble cast. Most may be fresh faces to you, but they have extensive television and theater experience. I feel strongly that a few stars are about to break-out. Not good enough?
For our lead role, my team and I are currently in talks with three name-talents. Two of them are stars from hit comedy TV shows from the 70’s/80’s and one of them is a star from a series of successful 80’s comedy films. Oh, you want a hint?
Okay…how about The Love BoatWelcome Back Kotter, and National Lampoon’s Vacation. That’s all I can say…for now. Can you show me a sample of the show?
I haven’t started filming yet, but you can check out my campaign video where I talk a bit about the show, here:
Relax…my team and I went a little Sean Baker (Director of Tangerine) here and shot this on an iPhone 7 and edited it on a MacBook. Why?
Because my team and I are saving every penny for the actual production of the showHow can I be assured the actual show will be great quality?
I have an amazing Director of Photography from France who can diffuse light like no other. Check out her beautiful reel here: She’ll be shooting the show on a Red Weapon 8K. That’s higher quality than what’s currently broadcast on network TV. This show is going to look dynamite!
I’ve got an energetic creative Director with loads of on-set experience. Check out his credits here: I have a talented production designer, who usually is busy working on movies for the Lifetime TV network, I have a costume designer who cut her teeth in the world of high fashion, I have a make-up artist whose most recent client was Tiffany Haddish, and a music composer who has regularly licensed his music to major TV networks and when scoring original music, has even gone as far as banging trash cans in his bathtub to make sure he gets just the right vibe of creepiness for his most recent project, a horror film…naturally.
I’ll be rounding out the rest of the crew with equally as gifted people. Oh, and did I mention that so far our crew is 73 percent female and 55 percent people of color? It’s not hard to be an inclusive project. Even though Hollywood would like you to believe otherwise. I love giving people the opportunity to shine! This project is about diversity in every single way. So please support me in my quest to makeAdversity, donate, and spread the word!
You can read more about the show’s campaign and donate by clicking on the link below:

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