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It was hard for a minute to think of a good theme for June- I almost went with a non-theme, but then realized June is Pride month. Seeing as in this day and age Hollywood is turning out more and more films representing the LGBTQ community, I thought I’d showcase some of my favorite LGBTQ Films.

Brokeback Mountain

Starting my six pack off with probably one of if not the most well-known LGBTQ films. It boasts two powerful performances from the always brilliant Jake Gyllenhaal and the late and equally brilliant Heath Ledger. Ang Lee’s direction was perfect for this tender story, bringing out all of the beauty of this story of love and the landscapes that encased them. It’s a beautiful film and story, even though it is a tragic one. It’s a very emotional film and one that nearly brings me to tears every time. It’s a harsh reminder that even though we’ve made changes in society, a love like theirs is still hated in many places in this world.

Snake River Brewing Company – Snake River Le Serpent

A brewing company from Wyoming, Snake River Le Serpant is a heavier brew with a sour flare that gives a nice bite. It’s the perfect beer for you to admire the landscapes in the background of this love story that blossoms in Wyoming.


Sean Baker is one of the most exciting directors working today, first with Tangerine and last year with the great The Florida Project. Tangerine follows firecracker Sin-Dee, a transgender woman prostitute who is released from jail to find out her boyfriend has been cheating on her. So Sin-Dee and her friend decide to run all over LA to find her boyfriend and the girl he cheated with. Filmed using only iPhones, it’s a very real film. Every character feels like a real person in this world. It was a brilliant idea to use real transgender actresses, it made the film feel more like a documentary than a film. Like the audience gets to drop in on the lives for one day and it’s a blast of a ride.

Green Flash Brewing Company – Road Warrior

A great summer brew to keep you cool in those hot streets of LA. Sin-Dee is the road warrior on the dirty streets of LA chasing down her boyfriend and the mistress. As you follow Sin-Dee, stay cool with Green Flash’s Road Warrior. It’ll hopefully keep you calm while everything is going bananas around you.

Beats Per Minute

This is a French film from 2017 about the early 90’s AIDs crisis and the ACT UP movement in Paris, France. It’s a gorgeous and moving film as it centers on two men who fall in love while they protest throughout Paris. I haven’t had a film hit me emotionally as hard as Beats Per Minute did since maybe The Deer Hunter. It’s sad, it’s at times funny and beautiful, and the score is brilliant. It’s Electric Garage House and it gives the film a perfect pulse as they dance in the pride parade and let loose at the clubs. I couldn’t recommend this film enough, but get some tissues for this watch.

Brasserie Castelain – Grand Cru

A nice, full-bodied brew with a light golden color. It’s a rare brew and might be hard to find in America. However, it would be a great pairing for this beautiful French film. You can sip on this beer while you watch this film, a true French beer for a French film. Just try not to cry into your beer and mess up the flavor.


Before Dee Rees made the gorgeous Mudbound she made a little-known film called Pariah. It follows Akile (Adepero Oduye) as she struggles with being a lesbian while her parents disapprove of that lifestyle. It becomes increasingly hard to hide the fact she is gay from her parents and it’s heartbreaking to watch her try to be two different people. It’s a sad film because unfortunately this is an all too true story for many LGBT kids. A parent not accepting their child for who they are is gut-wrenching and watching Akile deal with this pain through poetry is a beautiful thing to see and hear. Dee Rees is a very profound filmmaker and I look forward to anything she does next.

The Schlafly Tap Room – Schlafly Coffee Stout

A smaller brew of a strong beer to go with a small yet very strong film. Its coffee flavor pairs perfectly with the poetry that Akile monologues. Her final poem will put you directly in a small coffee shop, cigarette smoke filling the air, and the strong smell of coffee all around. My only wish is that there was a black & white cut of this film. It would really set the mood and a coffee stout would pair even better.

Call Me by Your Name

Another film from 2017, I also fell immediately in love with this one. I loved the book and loved the movie even more. What I love most about this film is their relationship is treated like any other romantic drama. There is no one actively trying to destroy their love, there is no active evil as there is in nearly every LGBTQ film and it’s refreshing. Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer are great as Oliver and Elio, Chalamet being a huge revelation with all of his interior acting letting us know what he is thinking without saying a word. However, what I love most is the monologue given by Elio’s father played by Michael Stuhlberg. It’s lifted almost word for word from the book and gives one of the most important lessons about life.

Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg – Stiegl Radler Lemon

A beer mixed with lemon soda. Their popular brew is with grapefruit soda which is delicious, but the lemon flavor will really hit the spot in the summertime. As you watch two people fall in love in northern Italy it’s the lemon radler that’ll really keep you cool. It’s also a great beer to have at movie-watching parties that don’t like beer.

The Birdcage

The first LGBTQ film I can remember watching, The Birdcage is a hilarious film about a gay couple, played by Robin Williams and Nathan Lane, meeting their son’s fiancé and her parents. So as to not scare her or her parents away, Nathan Lane pretends to be his mother. As you can imagine the dinner goes haywire and hilarity ensues. What I like most about the film is that it shows that there’s nothing different between a straight couple and gay couple’s relationship. So many people with homophobia care way too much about what gay and lesbian couple’s relationships are behind closed doors. There’s nothing different about it; surprise, they’re just human beings. If you haven’t seen this one, I’d make a point to go watch this film.

MIA Brewing Company – Neon White IPA

This light IPA is perfect for a stroll down South Beach in the middle of summer. MIA Brewing Company’s labels will also transport you down to the bustling club scene in South Beach. This is the perfect beer to watch Robin Williams try to teach Nathan Lane how to be a manly man.

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