The 5 Most Intense Gambling Scenes

The five most intense gambling scenes are worth watching over and over again. People can do this so much more easily in the age of online video streaming. These scenes are typically part of movies that have a lot of gambling scenes. However, there are also great gambling scenes worth watching in the case of movies that are not necessarily purely gambling movies. Gambling is very cinematic and it has a huge role to play in a lot of films and film franchises.

1: Casino Royale

The poker scene in Casino Royale is one of the best modern examples of an intense poker scene. Given the buildup and the plot relevance of this scene, it seems very dramatic. This film was intentionally supposed to be grittier and more realistic than many James Bond movies. However, this scene would not look out of place in a much more heavily dramatized Hollywood spectacle.

2: Cool Hand Luke

For the fans of classic cinema, it’s hard to beat the gambling scene from Cool Hand Luke. It’s hard to beat Paul Newman’s poker face at the best of times in particular. While this film is clearly a product of its time, many of its scenes do hold up today, especially the gambling scene. This is one of the defining scenes of the movie. People who see it out of context can still usually appreciate it in many cases as well, which makes the scene even more special.

3: Goodfellas

Almost every scene in the film Goodfellas is incredibly intense given the subject matter, and the famous gambling scene is no exception. Almost any scene with character actor Joe Pesci is going to have a lot of intensity to it as a matter of course. This is a scene that shows the versatility of gambling scenes in the first place, while also putting them into an effective context.

4: Ocean’s Eleven

There’s a poker scene in the beginning of the movie in the classic modern movie Ocean’s Eleven. It’s hard to go wrong with actors as charismatic as George Clooney and Brad Pitt in the first place, and these two actors truly give it everything that they have in this scene. People might be thinking of a scene like this when they start out with a great casino bonus at Red Flush. Red Flush Online Casino games can seem even cooler when people are thinking about Brad Pitt and George Clooney the whole time.

5: Rounders

Of course, any list that covers some of the most intense gambling scenes of all time has to cover scenes from the ultimate gambling movie, which is Rounders. Many of the gambling scenes from Rounders could actually make a list like this. In terms of sheer intensity, it really is hard to beat a scene like the one where Matt Damon’s character goes up against John Malkovich’s character in a game of poker. Given the nature of the stakes and the manner in which the movie sets up this scene, audiences who have watched this movie since the late 1990s have been spellbound throughout this entire scene.

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