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365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Tries Again Edition- Week 9

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

This week has been all about those mediocre later 2018/early 2019 flicks I missed the first time around, plus an early front-runner for worst of the year!

58.  Serenity

How well-regarded screenwriter and director Steven Knight actually completed this script with one of the most fascinatingly stupid movie twists perhaps ever is a marvel, not to mention how he had the temerity to show it to producers, how they considered it worthy of funding, how Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Dianne Lane, etc read the script and signed on anyway, and how, after it hit theaters and promptly foundered and sunk, its stars chalked up its failure to not enough advertising.  It all boggles the mind as much or more as the hilarious and absurd plotting of the film itself.  Highly recommended.  Six Pack.

59.  Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot

You might be surprised this didn’t have a higher profile with Joaquin Phoenix in a showy central performance and Jonah Hill, Jack Black, Rooney Mara, and more in supporting roles.  But then you’ll watch it and realize this is definitely one of those latter day, lower-energy Gus Van Sant prestige-on-paper affairs.  It’s engaging for the duration if a little soft at the edges and strangely in love with some of the more questionable cartooning predilections of the sharp-witted John Callahan.  Four Beers.

60.  Velvet Buzzsaw

The re-teaming of Nightcrawler‘s Dan Gilroy, Jake Gylenhaal, and Rene Russo will undoubtedly disappoint fans of that film looking for more of the same.  Instead, what we get is a heightened, modern art horror film that nobody ever asked for but which does have more than a few entertaining elements.  Apparently Gylenhaal’s latest out-there performance is based on a real person for added interest.  Four Beers.

61. Uncle Drew

I’m as surprised as you are to say that the day’s superior comedy was this broad basketball comedy based off of a series of Pepsi commercials starring Kyrie Irving in old age makeup.  The old but not that old cast Irving assembles around him is clearly having an amazing time, Nick Kroll gets to weird it up as the villain, and the positive energy is infectious.  For my money, though, the aged-up couple of Chris Webber and Lisa Leslie steal every scene either of them shows up in.  Three Beers.

62.  Fyre Fraud

Counter my choice of header photos, this is the less serious of the competing Hulu/Netflix documentaries (the Hulu one, for the record).  The approach is very Adam McKay social issues dramedy with incongruous cutaways and constant flashy editing and in many ways is the ideal introduction to the more nuts and bolts Netflix film, although it does do plenty of elucidating reporting of its own, including nabbing interviews that cover the FuckJerry angle that Netflix ignores and with the delusional Billy McFarland himself.  Two Beers.

63.  Sharp Objects

The latest “let’s throw a horror film at the late winter wall and see if it sticks” attempt is the professionally made, entirely unambitious studio horror film promised in the trailers.  You’ll guess every plot turn and get a good jolt 2-3 times and if that’s all you need out of a big screen horror film, here you go.  Four Beers.

64. Fyre

Calling the Netflix Fyre Festival doc the more serious of the two does ignore the fact that it has the single most amazing, jaw-dropping entertaining, and undoubtedly fucked up moment in either film- Andy King’s blowjob story- but outside of that you get the fuller story of just what went wrong and how much of a clear and undeniable criminal and overall narcissistic idiot McFarland is.  Count me in the camp of insisting you watch both.  Two Beers.

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