365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Tries Again Edition- Week 46

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

This week I took advantage of some home time to catch on on some flicks I’d been meaning to- never too early to start that 2019 catch-up push.

245. Hustlers

This true crime tale of a massive larceny perpetrated by NYC strippers on their Wall Street bro clientele doesn’t always work (hard to celebrate sisterhood among a bunch of unambiguous felons), but damn if J-Lo doesn’t nail her role and a likely Oscar nomination and even win, especially in the last third of the film when her and erstwhile lead Constance Wu’s relationship takes the fore and a stronger film emerges.  Two Beers.

246. Dora and the Lost City of Gold

The producers of Dora were clearly looking to emulate the vibe that Jumanji rode to such surprisingly success, but weren’t quite ready to leave behind childish things (and dodgy CGI) enough to fully commit to it.  The result is an often fun and sometimes engaging flick that nonetheless seems already to be fading from most folks’ memory.  Four Beers.

247. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

While it was never going to live up to last year’s Mr. Rogers documentary, Marielle Heller’s dramatization of one journalist’s encounter with him and the way it changed his life does almost as good a job at tear-jerking.  Tom Hanks never really resembles Rogers, but having Hanks’ innate goodness stand in for his is some brilliant casting, and the dysfunctional pairing of Matthew Rhys and Chris Cooper as son and father works darn well, too.  A reminder of how radical simple kindness can feel, and why it’s so important to forgive.  A Toast.

248. The Knight Before Christmas

One of this year’s slate of Netflix Christmas films seeking to dethrone The Hallmark Channel and inevitably starring Vanessa Hudgens, this one does have some halfway executed but still amusing fish out of water comedy thanks to Josh Whitehouse’s game performance as a knight brought to present day Hallmarkia to, well, woo Vanessa Hudgens of course.  Otherwise exactly what you’d expect out of any film of this type.  Four Beers.

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