365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Tries Again Edition- Week 45

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

This week I got back from the road and was greeted by a few reviews I needed to knock out – not exactly the cream of the crop.

241. The Laundromat

I’m not sure just what folks were expecting from Steven Soderbergh’s lively, The Big Short-esque examination of the Panama Papers scandal, but, well, I was expecting something The Big Short-esque, and I think Soderbergh delivered extremely well on making the machinations of the rich elite to avoid taxes wherever they lay supremely entertaining, with some truly energized stars delivering the material, none more so than The Meryl Streep.  Two Beers.

242. Arctic Dogs

This is exactly the cut-rate animated play for tired parent dollars it looked like in the trailers, without a whole lot of the sort of hard to tear your eyes away from cringeworthiness of, say, a Norm of the North.  There are three Jeremy Renner songs, though, so… if that’s your love to hate it bag, by all means…  Six Pack.

243. Last Christmas

Somehow Paul Feig has manufactured a completely anonymous holiday-themed romantic comedy with a real George Michael fetish and some of the most hilariously literal song lyric-to-plot twist machinations I’ve ever seen.  Five Beers.

244. Frozen 2

You’ll be happy to hear that Frozen 2 very much justifies its existence with a more mature plot that still manages to bring back everything that made the original so likable, just… to a lesser degree.  Try as everyone might, there’s no “Let it Go” magic in either the music or the sense of surprise that the first engendered, but I suppose that would have been nearly impossible.  Three Beers.

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