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365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Tries Again Edition- Week 39

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

This week saw me wrapping up my gig in Finland and having a bit more good fortune with the plane movies than I anticipated.  As in, there were some.

215. Gemini Man

I was lucky enough to be on a business trip in a place with an IMAX theater tricked out with 3D and the High Frame Rate projection capabilities that Ang Lee has consistently established was his main interest in making this particular film (the by-the-numbers action plotting can’t have been, although there are a couple of inspired action scenes).  For my money, all of the technical wizardry and resulting unparalleled clarity and depth is worth the trip if you’re close enough to a theater capable of the same- even CGI baby Fresh Prince is nearly-flawless… at least until a last, clearly tacked on scene that features truly atrocious CGI.  Three Beers.

216. Stuber

There isn’t a beat of this film that it doesn’t overplay, from all the Uber talk (of course) to Dave Bautista’s lasix-derived temporary blindness to the fitfully amusing, probably retrograde two-handed banter between Bautista and Kamil Nanjiani.  Ehh, for a plane/couch + laundry movie it works.  However, I am very impressed with Finnair’s commitment to presenting the unedited theatrical cut.  Never expected to see a real life dick on a plane.  Four Beers.

217. Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Fahhhkkk this movie was stupid as hell.  I’m genuinely surprised at the vast, near bottomless gulf between its ability to render wide-scale scenes of CGI kaiju destruction and inability to execute coherent editing, scene transitions, dialogue, or story beats.  Man, that trailer sure was good, though.  If you saw it, you basically saw all of the CGI kaiju destruction worthy of note.  Super skippable.  Five Beers.

218. Tomb Raider

This is also quite dumb, trying to pack in as much pointless mythology as possible, but makes up for it in Alicia Vikander’s star wattage, some believable daddy issues, and a pretty good eye for action scene choreography & direction by the awesomely named Roar Uthaug.  Weirdly committed to subverting some of the Lara Croft boilerplate elements, like her large fortune, though.  Four Beers.

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