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365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Tries Again Edition- Week 20

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

Time to catch up on a range of yes, largely mediocre new releases.  Thus far, 2019 hasn’t exactly rocked my socks off, but hope springs eternal.

123. Detective Pikachu

This was a soulless, rushed, haphazard, derivative, unfunny (but rather good-looking) pile of shit.  A pox upon its house.  Six Pack.

124.  The Mustang

The arthouse hit of the spring (seriously, this has been in theaters like two months) features some excellent acting from Matthias Schoenaerts and an earnest redemption story that feels a bit derivative of films that came before it, even recently (like The Rider).  Plenty good, but not quite great.  Three Beers.

125. Shazam

It’s hard not to be drawn in by the positive energy and Big-like wish fulfillment of this film, so even though I don’t know if we need that inevitable sequel, it’s great to see DC embrace a little bit of fun in its men in tights stories.  Just hard not to like.  Three Beers.

126. Pet Sematary

This was the most up the middle adaptation of Stephen King’s already competently told tale, failing to recognize that some blue filters and a plot twist they gave away in the first trailer doesn’t really do anything for anyone.  Perfunctory.  There’s a lovely story on the AVClub about the cats in the film, though, for what it’s worth.  Four Beers.

127. Greta

Neil Jordan can probably do these lurid thrillers in his sleep, and at points in this film it feels like he is (practically every plot twist counts on you not to think about it for more than a second), but damn if Isabelle Huppert doesn’t know how to vamp it up enough to make it worth your while anyway.  Three Beers.

128. Babylon

This British TV show about a young American public relations star hired to manage PR for the London police department caught my attention for two reasons- producer and director of the first episode Danny Boyle and the always captivating Brit Marling.  The show doesn’t show much of Boyle’s stylistic flair and the main plot doesn’t really encourage you to want more than its pilot + 6 episode run, but the side plots of the Specialist Firearms Command (the officers who do get to have guns in Britain) are much more impactful.  Three Beers.

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