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365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Tries Again Edition- Week 19

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

So, I did it- I finally got Netflix.  I expect that not only the embarrassment of original films on the service, but several binged TV shows will show up here soon.

118. I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

Tim Robinson of (short-lived) SNL and Detroiters fame snuck a thoroughly bizarre sketch show on Netflix recently that has got to be among the most funny and comically strange shows out there.  If you’re love(d) Portlandia or any of those bizarre Adult Swim late-night commercials like Too Many Cooks, you will 100% find something to love here.  Just resist the urge to watch it all at once.  Two Beers.

119.  Cat Heaven Island

This 55 minute documentary about a small Japanese fishing island/village world-renowned for the hundreds of cats that live there alongside an rapidly aging and shrinking population manages to pack quite a bit into its short runtime- from the depopulation of rural areas and how that’s beginning to shift to the beauty of nature and the grace of all the little nekos on the island.  Just pleasant.  A Toast.

120. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Telling the Ted Bundy story from the perspective of his fiancee as she very gradually learns the truth about him is a lot more interesting approach than many outlets are giving it credit for, especially considering Paradise Lost filmmaker Joe Berlinger’s true crime credentials.  It does lag at parts, and is not the salacious slasher most would have made of the material, but come if only for Zach Efron’s magnetizing performance.  Three Beers.

121. Fight with My Family

This WWE Studios film does have some of the weaknesses you’d assume from the optics of the WWE making a movie about one of its own stars, but darn if the surprising choice of Stephen Merchant doesn’t do a good job anyway with the origin story of Britain-born wrestler Paige.  It doesn’t hurt having the supremely talented Florence Pugh as your star.  Three Beers.

122. The Kid Who Would be King

Joe Cornish’s long-awaited follow-up to Attack the Block gave me weird mediocre deja vu moments with this months Hellboy (the plots and CGI choices really are damn similar), but Cornish knows how to pull some of those old Amblin strings and the overall effect of this King Arthur is an English middle school-boy movie is pleasant, with a special shout-out to the Angus Imre/Patrick Stewart combo playing a hilariously matter-of-fact Merlin-err-Mervin.  Three Beers.

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