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365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Tries Again Edition- Week 11

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

If groundhogs are to be believed, this may have been our last lazy too cold to do shit weekend, so I took advantage with a smorgasbord of film.

72.  Isn’t It Romantic

As long as you understand that what you saw in the trailer is exactly what you’ll get, I think you’ll find plenty to enjoy about the romcom satire but also somehow still a romcom but wait- surprise self actualization message!- but wait, still a romcom movie it promises and delivers.  Ultimately, everybody’s clearly having fun, and the climactic karaoke music number is damn fun.  Three Beers.

73.  Vox Lux

It’s clear Brady Corbet’s going to make a hell of a film one day, but this isn’t quite it.  The beginning is haunting and beguiling and very early Lars von Trier-feeling, but when the film jumps ahead to Natalie Portman’s adult pop star performance it’s like she’s in an entirely different film, a lot broader and more toothless of one.  Still worth seeking out, but somewhat disappointing.  Three Beers.

74.  The Long Dumb Road

This is another comedy that’s exactly what it looks like from the trailer and/or plot description of Tony Revolori playing a college freshman driving cross country to Los Angeles for art school and picking up Jason Mantzoukas along the way.  Surprise, Mantzoukas plays the same grody free spirit wildcare he usually does and both learn that they need to grow up in their own ways.  There are a couple of quality comedy surprises despite the boilerplate template, though, and if you like the cast it’s well worth your time.  Three Beers.

75. Relaxer

I’m always willing to follow Joel Potrykus down whatever weird path he takes us, and goddamn have the last several, from Buzzard to The Alchemist Cookbook to now been weirrd.  His latest, set sometime before Y2K, focuses on a bug-eyed man who’s “quit quitting” and hence will not get off the couch until he’s beat level 256 of Pac-Man, whether it takes him days or years or until the apocalyptic end of society itself.  Grody and crazy in the best of ways, ain’t no show like a Joel Potrykus show.  Two Beers.

76. Captain Marvel

You know what to expect with the majority of the solo outing Marvel films, and Captain Marvel is no exception- middle of the road entertaining for much of its runtime with bursts of badassery or humor that lands and a climactic ramp up that makes you just thirsty enough for more.  I can’t say I’ll be in a hurry to see this again, but I enjoyed it and and am already looking forward to Avengers: Endgame, which is perhaps half the point, no?  Three Beers.

77. Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds

This Korean blockbuster, in which a firefighter dies and must pass through a series of escalating moral and CGI-heavy tests in order to achieve the near-impossible reincarnation, was a massive success in its homeland and has already spawned a sequel.  If you want to see what The Good Place would be like if it swapped comedy for action and CGI bombast, plus cry alongside a bunch of Korean grandmas at all the melodrama, have at it- it’s certainly unlike any blockbuster you’ve seen recently, plus or minus some real design love for The Mummy franchise, randomly.  Four Beers.

78. Son of Aladdin

When Ken promised me an animated spectacle to match Sean Connery’s ignominious possibly final film, Sir Billi: Guardian of the Highlands, my loins quivered.  While not as much of a trainwreck as that film, perhaps only because it didn’t possibly wrap up the career of a cinema icon in the worst possible way, the horrifically animated, barely feature-length, entirely unrelated to Aladdin feature here is indeed a sight to see.  My favorite part- how the animators didn’t understand or likely care that making their princess in distress as busty as possible had the hilarious adverse affect of giving her spider monkey arms.  Just a joy.  Catch it on Netflix!  Six Pack.

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