365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s One More Shot Edition- Week 11

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

You’ll notice a bit more eclecticism than the very, very 2019 focus of the preceding weeks.  It’s another year, and there’s a lot more film has to offer!

78. Charlie’s Angels

I’m surprised this got as lukewarm reception as it did- it’s certainly no less enjoyable than most disposable Hollywood action fluff like, say, Bad Boys for Life.  Elizabeth Banks shows a facility for big budget spectacle and corny fun that really should earn her more shots like this, even if I don’t see a sequel in the cards for this one.  Three Beers.

79. The Haunting of Hill House

Mike Flanagan goes off his typical Stephen King adaptation playbook to craft his own horror opus across 10 hours of generally exceptional TV.  Like his oft-times inspiration, I’m not sure he sticks the landing quite to the extent you’d hope for from such excellent beginnings, but this series immediately enters the horror pantheon.  Man, that Bent-Necked Lady payoff…  Two Beers.

80. Onward

Pixar lands another original idea successfully in this delightfully inventive and sneakily heart-tugging story set in a fantasy world that’s modernized.  If it doesn’t quite reach the crescendos of recent stand-outs like Coco and Inside Out, it’s not for lack of trying nor for any deficit in its as always top-notch voice cast.  Two Beers.

81. Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter

Jody Hill and Danny McBride reunited in another Southern-fried comedy, this time about a man who shoots low-budget hunting videos for a living (a very committed Josh Brolin) trying to connect with his less-than-interested son on his first whitetail deer hunt.  It has a lot of the normal crass enjoyments of a Hill/McBride collab, but with a surprisingly sweet (and still desperate, very on brand) undertone.  Three Beers.

82. Extra Ordinary

This Irish horror/comedy, about a reluctant amateur exorcist and driving instructor who decides to return to the business when an attractive single dad needs her to help keep his daughter out of the satanic clutches of a one-hit wonder from the 70s trying to recapture his mojo (played by Will Forte in delightful fashion), is just plain fun.  A high recommend for lovers of the absurd and the absurdly gory.  Two Beers.

83. Verotika

I had heard the chatter about just how bad Glenn Danzig’s directorial debut really is, an adaptation of his own 90s-era gorehound comics, but little prepared me for just how truly dire this low-rent, porn-star saturated, Courtney Stodden-featuring cheapo gorefest was.  It’s a combination between specificity of vision and inability to render it that all the true bad/good films have, although this three-story anthology-like thing goes from best to worst (starkly), so prepare yourself for that.  Six Pack.

84. Schitt’s Creek

I finally got around to giving this Canadian comedy gem a try and regret taking so long to do so.  Eugene Levy and his son Dan (moreso the latter actually) have put together a hell of a cast of comedy ringers in their saga of a rich family who lose everything to a Madoff-like scheme and have to move into a rundown motel in the town the father bought his son as a joke.  A little town named Schitt’s Creek.  Two Beers.

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