365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Brave New Year Edition- Week 9

By: Henry J. Fromage –

This week’s viewing did not start out terribly auspiciously, but ended with a bang as I attempt to close out all of the Oscar nominees.  Damn Faces, Places!

45. Daddy’s Home 2

Let’s be honest, the first one was pretty dire, too, no matter what Sophia Coppola’s been smoking.  Having apparently made a devil’s pact to watch anything Will Ferrell push his name on, I can certify I watched this studio bunt down the first baseline, and it deserves Five Beers.

46. Pitch Perfect 3

I got a bit more out of this one, but it’s pretty much the same safe play.  Hopefully the franchise is over with this damper squib, but I can say I enjoyed my hours with the Bellas overall, and that Hana Mae Lee’s Lilly was the MVP.  Four Beers.

47. Samson

This actually exceeded my admittedly quite low expectations, boasting some surprisingly decent acting and production values as well as action scenes that held up to their Biblical details.  A step forward for Pure Flix, without (too much) evangelical proselytizing (the Book of Judges isn’t quite the forum for that).  Three Beers.

48. A Fantastic Woman

Daniela Vega commands the screen as a trans woman who loses her partner suddenly and must contend with the prejudices and enmity of his relatives alongside the everyday slights she endures just being who she is.  A truly empathetic film from Sebastian Lelio (Gloria) with some inspired metaphorical interludes that add a touch of grace.  Two Beers.

49. Body and Soul

This magical realist fable in which two office workers in a Hungarian meat processing plant find they dream the same dream each night of two deer traversing the winter forest together is uncanny and even beautiful.  The female lead performance and much of the milieu feels like if Yorgos Lanthimos got nice all of a sudden (well, mostly), but it plays to the unearthly effect of the film.  Another hidden Netflix gem (and Oscar nominee!).  Two Beers.

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