365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Brave New Year Edition- Week 5

By: Henry J. Fromage –

My march towards total Oscar film completion continues, plus some other 2017 stuff I meant to get around to.

23. The Lego Ninjago Movie

I don’t know why Lego Ninjagos needed to exist, but the exuberant Lego movie universe continues right along with this father/son tale disguised as an ADD-riddled animated action-packed joke-storm.  A plenty entertaining Three Beers.

24. Song to Song

It took me longer than most, but the canted angle philosophical whispering of the suddenly prolific Terrence Malick has even worn thin on me, even in the film that features some boyish tussling between Ryan Gosling and Michael Fassbender.  Four disappointing Beers.

25. Marshall

Chadwick Boseman keeps radiating star power as a young Thurman Marshall ordered by a judge not to speak in defense of a black man accused of raping a socialite, but instead forced to work through the nervous “main counsel”, Olaf-er-Josh Gad.  Conventional, but well-executed. Three very solid Beers.

26. The Square

Force Majeure‘s Ruben Ostlund makes another devastating portrait of modern performative masculinity, this time taking needles to Modern Art and Social (Media) Justice balloons among others in the process.  Hilarious and disturbing, Two Beers.

27. Last Men in Aleppo

This full length documentary following many of the subjects of last year’s Oscar-winning documentary short The White Helmets is every bit as devastating as that film, if not more so as you realize how long the horrific destruction of Aleppo and the humans still calling it home has been ongoing.  Two Beers, but instead of drinking, do something.

28. The Greatest Showman

This is pure cornball humbug, but it’s hard to hate because Wolverine just wants to sing, y’all, and for people of all kinds to just get along and love each other, y’all.  But, wow, is it cornball, passable anthemic Pasek & Paul songs ‘n all.  Four hard to hate Beers.

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