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365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Brave New Year Edition- Week 49

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

A admittedly more lazy than it really should’ve been weekend yielded an eclectic mix of not always terribly quality filmage.

186.  Swing Kids

Korea’s big Christmastime blockbuster this year came the way of yours truly via screener this week, and while it’s worth your time and finishes strong, there’s definitely an element of inconsistency and pure goofiness on display here that make it a recommendation with a heavy asterisk.  Four Beers.

187.  Venom

Admittedly, you can’t quite call this good… but I definitely contend it’s entertaining, whether due to the cognitive dissonance of a big-budget bromance movie between a human and the alien hellbeast possessing him or the fact that the human is played by an enthusiastically loosed Tom Hardy.  I didn’t mind this at all..  Four Beers.

188.  Never Goin’ Back

A24’s latest scrappy margins of society comedy plays to me like what happens if the friends from The Florida Project grew (somewhat) up, unsurprisingly ran away from home, and got into comic hijinks centered on low stakes drug dealing and the universe conspiring against their keeping their job log enough to both pay rent and go on a somewhat shitty Galveston beach weekend.  Funny, well-made stuff as always from the king of Indie distributors.  Three Beers.

189.  Shoplifters

Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Palme D’or winner deserved to vanquish its competition in my book.  He takes a makeshift family of shoplifters and other economic undesirables and crafts another gorgeously humanist story that tugs on your heartstrings more than any of his already formidable oeuvre in that category.  When the late-breaking revelations begin to hit the emotional wreckage wrought is breathtaking.  A Toast.

190.  Roma

All the hype you may have heard about Alfonso Cuaron’s latest, extremely personal tale of a family in 1970s Mexico City and more importantly the maid who does everything for them is justified.  Yalitza Aparicio is positively stunning, delivery a staggeringly empathetic and empathy-engendering performance that, along with Cuaron’s own-shot dreamy visuals constitutes the best cinematic love letter you’re likely ever to witness.  A Toast.

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