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365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Brave New Year Edition- Week 42

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

This week is another travel week, this time out west, so you know what that means- time to catch up on mediocre studio flicks! (OK, one of these anyway).

162.  Support the Girls

Mumblecore posterboy Andrew Bujalski takes a bit of a left turn with this dramedy starring Regina Hall as the manager of a regional Hooters-like restaurant with a cast of characters that both drive her crazy and maybe even give her life meaning it would otherwise lack.  She’s having one hell of a bad day, though, one that even the impossibly perky server played by Haley Lu Richardson may not be able to help her out of.  A delightful, affirming slice of regular life.  Two Beers.

163. On Chesil Beach

This relationship two-hander based on the Ian McEwan novella and scripted by the author himself both has the Saoirse Ronan quotient and the emotional complexity of his more famous Hollywood-adapted work.  Two honeymooners find themselves at odds on the basis of sex and the resulting fight ripples out across their past and future.  A bit small in scope, but compelling, elegantly delivered material. Two Beers.

164.  Rampage

Make no mistakes, this shit is dumb as a box of rocks, and the filmmakers both acknowledge that and fail to be as clever as they think they are… the script is full-on Groaner City.  And yet, it largely held my attention for a couple of cramped airplane hours, so its CGI mayhem and Dwayne Johnson-ness clearly has its pleasures.  Perhaps perfect plane fare.  Four Beers.

165.  Journey’s End

Probably you’ll want to watch this on a screen larger than your average plane offers, since it’s really quite excellent visually as much as it’s a thoroughly British actor’s showcase.  We don’t get enough WWI movies these days, and this film does a great job of carrying the weight of being a representative film in the genre for years to come.  Two Beers.

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