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365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Brave New Year Edition- Week 38

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

This week I cris-crossed the country twice in an effort to prove which airline provides shittier entertainment options (hint: it’s American).

150.  ’85: The Greatest Team in Football History

I did this one to myself- riding one of those unfortunately very temporary highs Bear fans are subjected to, I took a chance on a documentary I’d never heard of.  It does feature all of the Chicago talking heads you can shake a stick at, including, of course, Bill Murray and Obama.  What it doesn’t do is really create a narrative or perform any analysis of a team that the title posits is the best there ever was.  For a fan actually alive in ’85, this is probably a fun trip down memory lane, but for anybody else… Four Beers.

151.  Life Itself

Wow, this flop is the right, over-zealous and purely strange/cruel/fascinating kind.  It plays like Dan Fogelman took a script he wrote in college and fused it to a a much more mature doodle of his he wrote while vacationing in Spain, sure the unholy mix would work because Crash.  This is a A Winter’s Tale-level fiasco that’s a must-watch for any fan of that kind of failure.  That’s most of us here at MovieBoozer.  Six Pack?

152.  Life of the Party

Oh, American.  Instead of providing personal screens like a first world airline like Delta, you have bus monitor TVs with one bad broad comedy choice like I was chicken running through Central America or something.  Besides the delivery, you can rest assured that this milquetoast boneless nothing of a movie is dire due to the presence of one Ben Falcone in the credits.  What does your husband have on you, Melissa?  Why keep doing this to yourself?  Five Beers.

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