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365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Brave New Year Edition- Week 34

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

A short week, and one heavy on catching up, as always.  Let’s see if I got around to watching anything actually quality, eh?

134.  Crazy Rich Asians

You’ve all heard plenty about both the conventionality of this romcom and the cultural significance of a conventional Hollywood romcom with an all-Asian cast, the first in 25 years.  So, instead I’ll tell you that this is a certainly predictable but often very funny and quite lovely confection that is as good an example of the genre as we’ve had in several years. Three Beers.

135.  Ocean’s 8

This got some pretty poor reception when it came out, but I perhaps saw it in its perfect venue- on my couch- and found it to be plenty engaging slickly produced, amusingly acted popcorn fare.  The Oceans movies aren’t exactly Moonlight, and the all-female cast doesn’t feel like a gimmick but rather the same thing these movies always offer- an attractive and funny ensemble doing entertaining mildly clever things. Three Beers.

136.  Searching

As with a lot of thrillers that keep you enraptured and guessing the whole runtime, the ending is a bit of a weird fit (don’t think too hard about it) However, this movie, and John Cho’s near every scene performance, keep you enraptured and guessing, and the movie made out of second-hand screens aesthetic feels entirely natural (and finds new ways to wrench your heart… those first five minutes, man).  Two Beers.

137.  Blazing Saddles

Not all of this has aged perfectly (and not just the parts you knew wouldn’t- trying to remember how far past 10 I might have been when I saw it first), but there’s just so much classic comedy here that will continue to stand the test of time.  Forgot how awesome the finale was.  Two Beers.

138.  La La Land

Okay, this is probably cheating under Ken’s original rules, but it’s worth noting that my wife’s watched this 15-odd times, and this is only my second somehow.  Still the best picture of its year (standing by that), but the second time through I’m not sure these two really were made for each other… Gosling in particular is a bit of an asshole.  A Toast.

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