365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Brave New Year Edition- Week 31

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

This week I tried to keep it in the theaters, ether via films to review or some really promising indies.

121.  The Spy Who Dumped Me

This was a bit of a surprise- a film that looked like it might it be a Bad Moms-like mediocrity but which benefits from Kate McKinnon’s delightful weirdness, some borrowed Broad City vibes, and surprisingly bone-crunching action to make for a delightful time at the theaters.  Three Beers.

122.  Blindspotting

This Oakland-set dramatic comedy (or is it comedic drama?) positively bursts with style, energy, pathos, and unfettered creativity.  This is a tour de force for all involved, from rookie director Carlos Lopez Estrada to debut actor Rafael Casal to Daveed Diggs staking his claim as every bit as much of a dynamic multi-talent as his former stage partner Lin-Manuel Miranda.  A Toast.

123.  Ramen Heads

If you’ve never had real Japanese ramen, a documentary devoted to its most revered chefs may feel too esoteric, but those who have had a good rendition the silky pork broth and noodles will find much to love here.  It may get almost comedically worshipful here and there, and have a somewhat scattershot approach, but the food porn here is truly sinful.  Three Beers.

124.  Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Another bizarrely worshipful film, this one feels earned- what Tom Cruise puts himself through for our entertainment is rightfully subject to a thousand thinkpieces, but the results are invariably entertainment at its purest and most thrilling.  This has got to be, start to finish, the most gripping of the Mission: Impossible films, and you know that’s saying something. Two Beers.

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