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365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Brave New Year Edition- Week 29

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

This week sees an eclectic mix of indie flicks that are well, well worth your time and streaming films that only are if you’re a masochist.

113. Gringo 

This one was advertised as a comedy when it reality it’s a lower rent Coen Bros adaptation of the sort that had a brief flare-up after Fargo (your A Simple Plan and The Ice Harvests).  It’s amusingly perverse how some of the edits in the trailer create entirely different tones for scenes like the one where Sharlto Copley expresses ambivalence towards whether God exists then gets hit by a car.  Anyway, if you reset those expectations to a for the most part quite serious crime flick, this film has its modest pleasures.  Four Beers.

114.  Gymkata

This is a schlock classic for a reason- pure 80s hubris of the “we can make anyone an action star!” coke-fueled variety.  A truly nonsensical plot (surrounding a Dangerous Game with constantly shifting rules and villains that are pretty terrible at villainry) aside, this actually has pretty good  production values in that practical action 80s way.  However, Olympic gymnast Kurt Thomas absolutely could not be made into an action star, even if you do convenient locate a pommel horse in a town square for him to flail about on.  Five Beers.

115.  Eighth Grade

YouTube star turned Comedian turned Actor turned pretty damn interesting Director Bo Burnham establishes his bona fides for the last title with a funny, sometimes excruciating (Gucci!), always impeccably observed and affirming story of quiet eighth grader Kayla who’s just.. a good girl going through that darkest of times- middle school.  Two Beers.

116.  Three Identical Strangers

This documentary starts out with a pretty unbelievable story- identical twins reunited after both enrolling in the same small New York community college who become a media sensation that yields something even more unbelievable- a third brother, their triplet.  What’s crazy about this sometimes overproduced but never less than engaging film is that this is just where the story starts… seriously.  A Toast.

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