365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Brave New Year Edition- Week 28

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

I have three words for you: No. Holds. Barred.  What a goddamn joy of a tire fire of a film.

108.  No Holds Barred

This first of all the WWE movies, this glorious film of Hulk Hogan at his most virile and ridiculous, television executives at their most illogically nefarious, and Tiny Lister and his least tiny is… not a good film.  It’s a great film.  A great, bad, 80s-soaked mess of macho bullshit that is one of the finer times I’ve had at the movies in quite some time..  Six Pack.

109.  Leave No Trace

Can somebody please write Debra Granik a blank check so we don’t have to go another decade between her fiction work?  She weaves another beautiful tale of people on the outskirts of society, finally giving Ben Foster a role worth of his considerable talents and uncovering another ingenue with boundless natural talent in Thomasin McKenzie.  Go search it out as soon as humanly possible.  A Toast.

110.  Super Troopers 2

I just rewatched the original Super Troopers, a comedy staple of my youth, with my wife and realized… it’s not very good.  That actually helped reset expectations going into this, and I got about what I expected- not a sequel to the idealized “comedy classic” of my memory, but rather one to the puerile, lowest common denominator-baiting, stupid laugh-generating guilty pleasure.  This is very much more of the same.  Four Beers.

111.  The Commuter

This is deeply silly shit, don’t get me wrong, but for my money if these overwrought actioners are how Liam Neeson’s going to wind down his career, here’s hoping Jaume Collet Serra is the man he does them with (A Walk Among the Tombstones Scott Frank would also be an acceptable choice).  Entertaining in very much the same mold already established by these two.  Three Beers.

112.  Tour de Pharmacy

Sure, this isn’t quite feature-length, but it’s packed with bizarrely inspired 1982 Tour de France debauchery and recognizable comic and non-comic stars you can’t believe would do this shit (plus another recognizable face you really can’t believe would do this shit).  Well worth 40 minutes of your day.  Two Beers.

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