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365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Brave New Year Edition- Week 24

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

More work, less play (what is play?).  So familiar background noise seems like the way to go, and I honestly may not have seen these movies at least 5 years, which counts, right?

88.  Hereditary

I was captivated from beginning to end by this severely fucked up horror tour de force from feature length debuting Ari Aster.  It’s just an absolute vise of anxiety all the way until you realize the Rosemary’s Baby endgame that locks into place with ruthless inevitability.  An instant horror classic.  A Toast.

89.  First Reformed

Ethan Hawke commands the screen and Paul Schrader’s script and direction are his best by a country mile in years, but the disturbing ending they build up to seems like a less spiritually contemplative place to take things for a film that seemed to have something to say in that arena.  Three Beers.

90.  The Incredibles 2

Sue me, but The Incredibles never ranked among my favorite Pixar films, so the fact that the sequel is bigger, flashier, and maybe not as well-rounded doesn’t have quite the same effect on me.  It’s a perfectly fun blockbuster time at the movies.  The short film Bao that plays in front of it is a no-doubt Oscar player as well (and pretty affecting in that uniquely Pixar way).  Three Beers.

91.  Trance

Danny Boyle’s mostly forgotten heist flick/psychological thriller about a fine art dealer who takes part in a heist but forgets where he left the stolen masterpiece after a severe blow to the head might most be recommended in some circles and laughed at in other circles (seriously, that squeak of pleasure James McAvoy makes…) for Rosario Dawson’s au naturel performance, but it’s got some quality imagery and a plot worth watching twice to get a hold of as well.  Three Beers.

92.  What a Man Wants

Is not this super-broad Korean romantic comedy foursome that feels a few decades out of date in its sexual politics and, as are Korean films’ wont, shifts its most comic character to deadly serious drama for no apparent reason.  Four Beers.

93.  Age of Blood

This Korean historical action manga adaptation has a plot that’s hard to follow or care to even do so, but admittedly some cool fight scenes from a visual standpoint, even if one of them is a candidate for the dumbest I’ve ever seen.  Five Beers.

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