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365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Brave New Year Edition- Week 22-23

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

More work, less play (what is play?).  So familiar background noise seems like the way to go, and I honestly may not have seen many of these movies at least 5 years, which counts, right?  Come at me, Ken.

82.  Inception

This is just as awe-inspiring and brain-twisting as the first five or so times I tried to parse it.  A true modern classic, although if you pin me to the wall now I’m a lot more pessimistic about the ending (it’s her totem, after all… does it even matter if it falls?).  A Toast.

83.  The Departed

I’m sad to report that this one didn’t hold up quittee as well, but it’s still a damn entertaining crime yarn with a cast for the ages and an ‘oh shit’ moment to beat the crowd.  A bit obvious in its symbolism and themes, like that rat at the end didn’t drive that home (even if it is clearly a nod to 20s era-crime classics that always had to end with a moral).  Two Beers.

84.  Superbad

Another stone cold classic, I forgot how much I loved the Apatow clan’s finest hour, an ode to friendship and high school hijinks that will last as long as your Animal Houses.  A Toast.

85.  The Great Gatsby

Another Leo-starrer that doesn’t hold up as well under scrutiny as it does coming out of the theater with Jay-Z blaring over the end credits, I still dig the brash take on the material while yielding to the Baz Lurhmanness of it all.  Three Beers.

86.  Inside Llewyn Davis

I never warmed complete to this film, but Oscar Isaac is a revelation, the music my constitute the best Coen Bros soundtrack, and that’s saying something, and the deep melancholy is palpable.  Can’t say I blame anyone taking a swing at Llewyn, though (except for Jean, who apparently is unfamiliar with the minimum number necessary to tango).  Yeah, I don’t like these people.  Two Beers.

87.  The Wolf of Wall Street

Thankfully I saved the best of Leo and Scorcese for last this week.  Has there been a more purely entertaining film in the last ten years enveloping such a poison pill of the inseparability of American exceptionalism and hypocrisy?  Just the best.  A Toast.

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