365 Days of Movies- Week 47: Miscellaneous Week Redux

Weekly Update: This week more random movie choices, just a handful of sci-fi flicks.

Curious what else I’ve seen on my quest to watch 365 new-to-me movies in 2016? -Click here to read the full list of movies viewed year to date-

449. Arrival (2016)


Everyone will tell you how amazing Arrival is.  As a cinematic experience is concerned, with visual style, performances and atmosphere, I can totally agree. Unfortunately the film’s story is fatally cut down by a plot twist that utterly destroys everything the film works towards. Rarely have I wanted so badly to love a movie, only to leave the theater feeling utterly unsatisfied.

 450. Futureworld (1976)


This sequel to the classic Sci-Fi thriller Westworld takes place some years after the events of the first film. The Delos corporation has rebuilt the park and the machines that went rogue and killed off everyone.  They have been replaced by a new, more advanced group of human robots, and these cannot possibly go wrong, right?


 451. Hardware (1990)


Directed by Richard Stanley, who would become far more famous as the visionary director who was fired from the set of The Island of Dr. Moreau and replaced. This film brought him much attention for its world building and atmosphere… and that’s pretty much all it has going for it.  The film opens very strongly, setting up a post-apocalyptic world at war where work is scarce and people scavenge things for extra money to get by.  One day, scavenger Moses (Dylan McDermott) comes across a strange looking robot skeleton and gives it to his artist girlfriend for her sculpturing, little knowing it’s a kill-bot that self-repairs.  Just watch the first 20 minutes or so for some cool world-building ideas, and then go watch The Terminator.

452. Moon (2009)


Sam (Sam Rockwell) is at the end of a 3 year contract on the Moon overseeing an automated gas mining operation. After 3 years without human contact and away from his wife and child, with just his Robotic companion GERTY (Kevin Spacey) for company, Sam is starting to feel worn down. Then an accident on site causes him to make a discovery that changes his outlook on the future.  Easily one of Sam Rockwell’s strongest roles, Moon is a sensitive & emotional piece of hard sci-fi that puts just about every other recent sci-fi film to shame.

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