2020 Oscar Predictions, Secondary Films

By: Henry J. Fromage –

Today we’ll handle the films that have their own special categories, like documentaries, foreign language, and animated films.

Best Documentary Feature

  1. Honeyland
  2. American Factory
  3. Apollo 11
  4. The Cave
  5. One Child Nation

The first three feel like particularly safe bets, but remember Won’t You Be My Neighbor?  Yeah, no sure things.  The Cave and One Child Nation are the next two who have gotten the most acclaim, but theatrical fave The Biggest Little Farm, Netflix headliners The Edge of Democracy and The Great Hack, film festival faves For Sama and Midnight Family, and acclaimed feminine triumphs Knock Down the House and Maiden all made the shortlist, and I literally wouldn’t rule any one of them out.


Best Foreign Language Film

  1. Parasite (South Korea)
  2. Les Miserables (France)
  3. Atlantics (Senegal)
  4. Pain & Glory (Spain)
  5. Those Who Remained (Hungary)

Just like last year, we have the question of whether an arthouse hit not in the English language can capture both Foreign Language Film and Best Picture.  So yeah, Parasite is good to go, Pain & Glory is likely to grab at least one other nomination elsewhere, and Atlantics and Les Miserables are both fairly high profile and damn good.  That leaves one slot, and when in doubt, go with the Holocaust film.  If not this one, then other post-WWII films Beanpole (Russia) and The Painted Bird (Czech Republic) could factor, or else the rest of the shortlist has a shot: Corpus Christi (Poland), Truth and Justice (Estonia), and also Documentary shortlister Honeyland (North Macedonia).


Best Animated Feature

  1. Frozen 2
  2. Toy Story 4
  3. Missing Link
  4. I Lost My Body
  5. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The high profile Disney sequels are petty much shoo-ins, and Missing Link just took the Golden Globe, so it feels safe.  I Lost My Body feels like the arthouse pick this year, leaving the last slot to a slightly lower profile studio pick like the one I took, Abominable, or even the surprisingly delightful Spies in Disguise.


Best Animated Short

  1. Kitbull
  2. Hair Love
  3. The Physics of Sorrow
  4. Hors Piste
  5. Sister

Pixar’s ended the practice of prefacing their major releases with their own shorts, perhaps due to that horrendous, interminable Frozen short, but never fear- they’re still churning them out and they’re still adorable as all hell.  So, Kitbull is in.  Hair Love has gotten the most acclaim after that, and the innovative wax animations of The Physics of Sorrow, the comedy of Hors Piste, and One Child Policy-themed Sister feel like the picks.


Best Live Action Short

  1. Brotherhood
  2. Refugee
  3. Nefta Football Club
  4. Miller & Son
  5. The Neighbors’ Window

Purportedly Brotherhood is the front-runner here.  I’ll bet on another Syria-themed film and the most comedic for the next two, a Student Oscar winner for the next, and to wrap up a short with an apparently quality twist.


Best Documentary Short

  1. Fire in Paradise
  2. Life Overtakes Me
  3. Walk Run Cha-Cha
  4. In the Absence
  5. Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (if you’re a girl)

Netflix has 4 of the 10 films on the shortlist, so they’ll get a couple in at least- I’m guessing the Camp Fire recreating first and the child detainee second are the picks.  The New York Times has two, and Walk Run Cha-Cha has the higher profile.  The Korean ferry disaster documentary and slightly more offbeat Afghan pick are my last two.

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