Six Beer Movie – A Six Pack – The Worst Possible Score

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A crime against humanity. Do not be sober for this movie. On the plus side, this is a GREAT drinking game movie (if you like not knowing where you are afterwards).




MovieBoozer ratings are built around the amount of beers you need to drink to make a particular movie an enjoyable or even survivable experience. For entertainment purposes only.

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  1. You suck buddy, you drunk idiot. Your the crime against humanity. Not these movies, these are actually pretty good even when sober. Go fuck yourself.

  2. Tyler Perry nothing, how does Tranformers 2 and 3 get into this list? They are way more entertaining than any of these other turkeys. Spider-Man 3? Please, The Room I can watch these without having to take even a minumum of a drink. Never mind how bad you do yourself by doing a drunk moron like yourself. Fuck this lousy site, it obviously knows nothing about movies.

  3. Totes! I’ve been writing TBS angry letters every year about getting He-Man and She-Ra’s Xmas special some proper air time during the season. Quit being part of the problem MovieBoozer! Time to rethink that rating. Anything other than a Toast, you deserve to have your pinky toes amputated making it difficult to balance and stand for long periods of time.
    …And Mega Python vs. Gatoroid was snubbed in 2011 because of all the damn politics in Hollywood.


  4. Hop!!! Come on people, that was an Easter great!! Money doesnt print itself you know and as far as the Transformer MOVIES GO..they deserve their 6 beers, robots in disguise, PLEASE!!!!

  5. Flash Gordon…FLASH GORDON….FLASH!!!!! thats it I refuse to take part in this nonsense, unless I can drink copious amounts!! Oh I seeeeeeeeee

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