Saturday, April 19, 2014


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 Henry J. Fromage  Oberst von Berauscht Julio De Francisco
 Editor in Chief Senior Editor  Managing Director
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The Cinephiliac

Jenna Zine



MovieBoozer Contributors

  Bill Arceneaux livingdeadguy   Jake Peroni crimebusterofthesea
Bill Wilkinson Wonko The Sane Frankie B. Christopher Young
Frank Cerros  Paul O’Donoghue Christopher Sheridan Mother Clicker
 Sam Thorne Joel Olivo Bill Leon David Lynchs Dog
The Reel James Shelby Edwerd-Nerd Darryl M. Yo Zack Mandell
Allan Brown Mitch Hansch Harold Bagwell Kingsley Crabtree
 Ahmed J. Almatrook Amelia Solomon Maddy Olson Marielle Pawson
Katherine Balestrini
Matt Day Shaun Wren Rob Perez
Jake Turner Abby Olcese Byron Davel
Kyle Daley
Alex Morrison Matt Conway B-Side Aparnna Hajirnis
Sam Lord Liam Hoofe Keek Da Sass StarvinMarvinMcFly

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