The Weekend Pregame: April 1st



Hop –

Hop the Movie Trailer HD

Why do I feel I might hate Russell Brand by the end of the month?

Oh, yeah

So, he’s the Easter bunny, who lives on Easter Island (no, don’t worry Mr. Screenwriter, your viewing audience won’t have any more of an idea what that is), doing that live action/animation thing that produced such great results with critical darlings like Garfield or Yogi Bear.  This one’s only chance is to be so demented that it squeezes out some laughs.





Maybe a few, but I wouldn’t expect too much.  Animation hybrids’ legacy of shit will continue untarnished.


Insidious –

I have to wonder at the April release date for a horror film, but I am comforted a bit by the presence of the still successful Paranormal Activity crew and James Wan, director of the good Saw movie.  Feel free to guess which one I’m referring to.

Hint: you don’t need to be able to count past ‘one’

The trailer promises plenty of ‘make you jump moments’, and I don’t think the novelty’s faded quite yet.






Expect some corn, but if you’re a fan of scary movies you’ll probably find something to like.


Source Code –

Duncan Jones’ first feature, Moon, was one of the most imaginative and thought-provoking sci-fi flicks of the last few years.  It’s tough to say how this will translate to a second feature, but it’s enough for me to check it out.

Did I mention that he’s David Bowie’s son?

Once you’re familiar with the premise, the trailer’s not that amazing, and I’m not extremely excited by the romantic focus of this thing, but man, what a premise.






I am a big believer in the director, and if this keeps the momentum going for Inception­­-style high-concept sci-fi, I’m all for it.


The King’s Speech, PG-13 –

Suddenly, The King’s Speech becomes the “Family Film of the Year”.  I’m not sure what the Weinsteins are thinking, but they’re either crazy or crazy like a fox.  There’s no trailer for this thing, but they have been so kind to provide us with a poster:

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, no wait, I’m sure I have something constructive to say about this… ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…







Four soulless shilling.   The movie will probably be pretty much the same.


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