The Weekend Pregame: October 7th

By: Marielle –

Our two wide releases this weekend are great representatives of the DOs and DON’Ts of film-making.


The Ides of March –

DOs :

* Plot: An engaging political drama that pits idealism against the harsh realities of a presidential campaign for a young but experienced staffer; the title alludes to the date that Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by conspirators.

* Theme: An ethical quandary involving doing what is right, trying to win, and revenge—universal problems that many people can relate to.

* Cast: A stellar (and often attractive) line up of Clooney, Gosling, Giamatti and…

* Sealer of the Deal: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Beer Prediction

Another Ryan Gosling movie is an anticipated toast. You can’t go wrong with a baby goose.


Real Steel –

DON’Ts :

* Plot: An evolution of sport fighting that assumes the world will soon stop wanting to see people beat on each other or aggressively hug and moan in an octagon. Riiiight.

* Theme: Humans feel pain, so using a robot surrogate takes away the physical stakes and consequences and instead adds expensive robot repair bills?

* Bonus Theme: Your son will believe in you if you train a robot to fight and win. But only then.

* Cast: Stars Hugh Jackman, but the robots steal the action spotlight.

* Breaker of the Deal: a young kid with daddy issues.

OMG, guys! I think the broken down robot is a metaphor for Hugh Jackman’s character. WHOA.

Beer Prediction

Have a fiver and watch the smashy-smashies. I’ll be at home researching whether all men resolve their financial problems by returning to the ring.

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