Rollin’ the Dice, and (Almost) Everything’s Coming up France

By: Henry J. Fromage –

Bradley Cooper’s doing about as well as an actor can reasonably hope for, enjoying his first Oscar nomination and a whole slew of offers for pretty much every corner.  The one he’s recently signed the dotted line for is indeed a juicy one.  Dark Invasion will star Cooper as an NYPD captain in 1915 who’s tasked with building a task force to track down German spies who are looking to prevent America’s entry into WWI.  This is based on true events, and sounds fascinating, particularly since WWI so often gets the short end of the stick in Hollywood.


War Horse’s involvement at this time is pure speculation.  Purely badass speculation, that is.

Speaking of things the French care about more than Americans, do… Jerry Lewis.  Yes, not only is he still alive, he’s apparently moved back into the acting game after his unfortunate telethon controversy.  He hasn’t lead a cast in 30 years, but will do precisely that in Max Rose, playing a widowed jazz pianist just now unraveling the secrets of his marriage.


In a suitably slapstick fashion, I presume

Alan Rickman’s also returning to a game he’s not played for decades- directing.  His next, A Little Chaos, was apparently in the works for nearly ten years, and now has Kate Winslet and the on-the-rise Matthias Schoenaerts starring as Louis XIV’s rival landscape gardeners, competing for the commission of a new fountain.  Sounds riveting.  By the way, Schoenaerts is also reteaming with the director that got him his big break, Michael Roskam, in The Faithful, which is a Brussels-set film noir gangland tale.


Schoenaerts, pumping up for, I believe, A Little Chaos

And a last small story about a film that’s already in a can- All is Lost.  Robert Redford stars in this survival tale of a man lost at sea and fighting the elements.  While Redford’s output as of late hasn’t been all that exciting, what’s notable is that this is Oscar-nominated writer/director J.C. Chandor’s follow-up to Margin Call… and that it will have no dialogue whatsoever.


Which is pretty much two 360s and a 180 away from the all-talk Margin Call

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