Everybody Wants a Piece of Bradley Cooper, and Other Things

By: Henry J. Fromage –

Bradley Cooper’s doing about as well as an actor can reasonably hope for, enjoying his first Oscar nomination and a whole slew of offers for pretty much every corner.  The one he’s recently signed the dotted line for is indeed a juicy one.  Dark Invasion will star Cooper as an NYPD captain in 1915 who’s tasked with building a task force to track down German spies who are looking to prevent America’s entry into WWI.  This is based on true events, and sounds fascinating, particularly since WWI so often gets the short end of the stick in Hollywood.

Bradley Cooper’s the cat’s pajamas these days, even being confirmed for roles he hadn’t even heard of **cough, J.J. Abrams Lance Armstrong biopic, cough**.  Now he’s got a couple more, one of which will reunite him with his The Place Beyond the Pines director Derek Cianfrance on former David Fincher project Chef.  The script written by Eastern Promises scribe Steven Knight follows a chef who loses it all thanks to substance abuse, then tries to rebuild his reputation and nab a Michelin three star rating in the process.  Also of interest is that The Intouchables breakout international star Omar Sy is also circling a role.  The second project is The Man From Primrose Lane, in which he’ll play a true crime writer who finds mysterious links between his past and the Ohio serial killer he’s writing about.


Like, possibly, heavy experimental drug abuse?

Speaking of reteaming, Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace are already talking about doing just that, after their Dennis LeHane Animal Rescue film.  The project this time is Child 44, that Cold War Russian serial killer tale we touched on awhile back.  Daniel Espinosa (last year’s way-underrated Safe House) will direct a script by The Wire writer Richard Price.

Tom Hardy as Bane

I already can’t wait to hear his accent this time around

A last interesting project on tap is from Gore Verbinski, continuing his one overly commercial Disney tentpole (Lone Ranger), then one smaller, significantly more interesting project arc.  While it still may be animated, Pyongyang will ostensibly be a far cry from Rango, adapting the true story of graphic novelist French-Canadian Guy Delisle, who finds a job working for a cartoon show in North Korea of all places.  Predictably, this was both extremely eye-opening, and unpredictably dangerous, as he ends up accused of espionage.  This , I assume, is standard NK Visa boilerplate. I mean, would you consider your NK experience complete without one?


Here’s your passport, sir, plus complimentary firing squad ticket

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