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This is the most unique television show I have seen. Comedy, Romance, Action, Drama, Suspense, Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy. I really wanted to do a review on this show so I can tell everyone how I feel about it and hopefully to let the thousands of Movieboozers out there enjoy this show for what it has to offer.

We have the ASBO Five, a group of so called delinquents who are serving community service together in downtown London. They are all victims of a freak storm in the area and from that day forward, all possess superpowers. Among the five we have, Immortality, Sexual Mind Control, Time Rewinding, Invisibility, and a Mind Reader, I won’t tell you who is who because then it’s no fun.


There is a lot of conflict among the group but all built on comedy, and there is some love into the group as well between Alisha and Curtis. Their goal is to get community service over and done with and obviously to have fun doing it; just so much seems to go wrong all the time. Nathan, who is the funny one but also the asshole of the group, doesn’t give a shit about anything and will do just about anything for a laugh and yet he is such a lovable character. Alisha is the pretty girl in the group who has a bit of an attitude but a lot of compassion as well, she is a neutral character and more often than less does what the group is doing or hangs out with Curtis.

Curtis, who used to be a running champion before he got caught with drugs, is the most mature group member for me, he probably has the most friction with Simon but also does a lot for the group and enjoys women. Simon is the shy one in the group, his character develops the most, though, and he finds it very difficult to make friends, but is a very respectable person and will do anything for anyone. Kelly is the character with the biggest balls, despite being a woman, she gives off a scary vibe, but also just wants to party like the young adult she is and get her community service over and done with.

The ASBO five grow together over their time doing community service. For me, no matter how much Nathan irritates people or makes mistakes, he is still the most lovable character and he is the rock. There are so many obstacles laid out in front of the five, but they always get through it by the most bizarre means necessary. For me this show is literally about superheroes in London fighting evil, but metaphorically it is teenagers in London, looking out for themselves as they all have unloving and neglected backgrounds. The way the show is written makes the viewers understand superheroes better, and it doesn’t allow us to get bored, or to get irritated with method acting in some parts or to misinterpret the characters and their goals. As I said earlier it is the most unique show I have ever seen and I think it can reach out to a massive audience because of the nature of the content and just how enjoyable it is.


Caught in the middle of one of their villains who believes he is in a real life console game… how weird is the wedding dress?

A Toast

To the culmination of genres. That is what makes this show unlike any other. The comedy is all over the show, be it black comedy, situational comedy, irony…you are even forced to laugh when you see something you wouldn’t necessarily laugh at. The romance; there isn’t too much, because then it would turn the show against its audience and make it cliché, but the romance that is in the show is very passionate, very unplanned, and very natural.  The sci-fi is everywhere, besides the five super powers in our main characters, more and more people with powers start coming out and there are some very weird ones, for example, lacto-kinesis, the power to control dairy products. The fantasy element works hand in hand with sci-fi and realism, the sci-fi allows it to be a fantasy, watch and you will see what I mean.

As for the the action, the amount of times people die in this TV show is almost too much, but always logically motivated.  Finally the drama; this isn’t EastEnders, or Grey’s Anatomy, where the audience relies on drama to get through 7 painstaking seasons, the drama is in every episode but is always so enjoyable because it bounces off a whole bunch of things happening in that one particular episode.  The misfits are just always doing stuff, be it partying, running away from danger, parkour, robbing banks, killing cheerleaders, or having sex all over London.


Nathan, getting harassed by one of the guidance counsellors which they haven’t yet murdered.



Well my verdict will be irrelevant right now; surely you are convinced enough to know that this show is fucking awesome, hands down. But I’ll give you mine anyways. The acting is superb, the visual effects are amazing, and the character development is consistent and unexpected. A storyline that keeps you entertained, happy, sad, confused and often freaked out… Check. One thing that the audience may not like is a small bit of blasphemy here and there, with copious amounts of swearing and a lot of ‘immoral’ behaviour, so if you don’t like those few things then carry on with EastEnders and Grey’s.


Drinking Game

Every time any of the ASBO five uses their superpowers, Do a Shot of something you think will give you super powers.
Secondly, because we’re in the UK, Have a Pint of Lager every time one of the misfits kill someone. You shouldn’t get to drunk, just don’t watch a whole season in one day.

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  1. Henry J. Fromage

    One of the many British TV Shows I need to catch up on…

  2. My 2nd favorite television show of all time, right behind Six Feet Under. The first 2 seasons are just incredible, the 3rd is great, the 4th is a pile of shit, but I still love all the characters and the misadventures they get in to.

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