Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010) Drinking Game

Drinking Game

(Suggestion: drink shots of Wild Turkey)

Take a Drink:  Every time the camera pans.

Take a Drink: Every time Rod parks his car.

Take a Drink:  When you see the “Getty Images” watermark on the news report.

Take a Drink:  Every time you see “” anywhere.  Take two when it’s accompanied by the fake “Imagine” song.

Take a Drink: Every time a new round of applause starts during the board room scene.

Put down your drink and do the muthafucking robot:  During “Hangin’ Out With Mah Family” scene.  Do it.  I’m watching you.

Take a Drink: Every time one of the kids says something bratty.

Take a Drink: Every time they do something stupid like having a picnic outside, you know, where the birds are.

Do a Shot:  Every time a bird is shot down and drops from the sky like in Duck Hunt.

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