Birdemic 2: The Resurrection (2013) Drinking Game

Drinking Game

Take a Drink:  every time a person’s face or license plate is blurred out

Take a Drink: every time Bill smirks.

Take a Drink: every time someone examines a victim and declares “s/he’s Dead.”

Take a Drink and Applaud: every time a character from the first movie makes an appearance.

Take a Drink: every time there is a close up of a victim and you can see the actor breathing.

Take a Drink: BOOBS!

Take a Drink: every time the sky turns red.

Take a Drink: every time someone says “global warming”

Pour One Out and Take a Moment of Silence: for when we learn why little Susan from the first movie is absent from this one.

Take a Drink: every time someone says “giant jumbo jellyfish.”

Do a Shot:  at the ambulance.

Take a Drink: every time a character does during the soda machine scene.

Take a Drink: if you catcT the Sunset Boulevard reference.

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