Bad, Badder, Badderest: More Pristine Hollywood Newz

By: Henry J. Fromage – 

Our first story isn’t exactly all bad, although it does have plenty of folks dismissing it right off the bat.  It looks like they really will be making an Entourage movie even after the show went out on its own terms, wrapping everything up nicely.  While it seems a tad unnecessary, I for one will probably go ahead and check out the further adventures of Vinny and the Gang anyway.  And since show creator Doug Ellin will both write and direct, and things will pick up with Ari Gold, Studio Honcho, there are reasons to be optimistic.


And with all this Justice League hubbub these days, maybe we’ll get that Cameron Aquaman after all

Not so much for the Will Smith/Ja-Z produced remake of Annie.  This seemed entirely unnecessary back when it made just a touch of sense, being as Big Daddy Willy wanted to get his daughter Willow into showbiz as the star.  Now she’s apparently aged out of the role, but they’re going ahead anyway with the writer of The Devil Wears Prada and Easy A director Will Gluck.  So, now the question is: who will replace Willow?


Well, she’s kinda got the hair for it…

Now for something truly unfortunate.  One of the best rising directors of the last several years is Moon and Source Code helmer Duncan Jones, who’s been turning down franchise offers right and left to focus on an original sci-fi concept and a biopic of James Bond creator and all-around badass Ian Fleming.  Well, so much for that jazz, as he’s now signed on to take over for Sam Raimi on the World of Warcraft movie, which… fuck that.  I guess maybe it’ll get him the cash and exposure to get his other stuff done, but why couldn’t he have figured this out back when they were knocking on his door for the Hunger Games sequel?


Pictured: Better material than some video game nonsense

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