Admission (2013) Drinking Game

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: whenever Jeremiah takes “awkward” dangerously close to “Rain Man” levels.

Take a Sip: each time Portia’s mother, Susannah, opens her mouth and “militant douchebag” falls out.

Do a Shot: every time Portia rolls out the same tired-ass dog and pony show on her admissions tours.

Take a Drink:  whenever Portia gets treated and/or talks about being treated like a dog.

Do a Shot: anytime Portia gets a life-changing shit-bomb dropped on her ass.

Take a Drink: every time Mark and Helen “randomly” run into Portia. Bonus Shot: if she’s doing something incredibly embarrassing at the time.

Shotgun a Beer: to erase the memory of Paul Rudd elbow-deep in cow.

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