Wednesday, July 23, 2014


MovieBoozer Podcast Virtual Pub 79: Dawn of the rise of the revenge of the return of the Planet of the Apes: Age of Extinction


This week on the Pubcast we talk Apes, Andys and Sequelitis!     Read More »

Maximum Overdrive (Commentary for


Stephan King’s only Directoral effort featuring a star-studded 80′s cast, and a soundtrack by AC/DC.  Put on your copy of the film and watch along as we ponder the frailties ... Read More » Virtual Pub 78: Transformers: The Age of Excretion


Michael Bay made another Transformers movie… *sigh* Read More » Virtual Pub 77: Clint Eastwood goes Jersey & Taken goes Mad Max


This week’s new movie discussion will cover Jersey Boys, The Rover, and 22 Jump Street.  Also the Movieboozer team salutes the life and career of actor Eli Wallach. Read More » Virtual Pub 76: How to Train your Jump Street Sequel


Read More »

Friday the 13th (1980) Commentary for


Read More » Virtual Pub 75: Standing at the Edge of Tomorrow TODAY!


Tom Cruise films, and final thoughts on last Saturday’s “Left Behind” movie marathon (god help us all) Read More »

Commentary for the Left Behind movies (a Triple Feature)


What happens when Evangelical Christians make action movies?  Lets find out! Part 1: Left Behind: the Movie Part 2: Left Behind II: Tribulation Force Part 3: Left Behind III: World at ... Read More » Virtual Pub 74: Maleficent the Malfeasant, Seth Macfarlane and other tales of cinematic woe


Otherwise known as: “Why a 1990′s made for TV movie starring Sinbad is funnier than your Family Guy movie” Read More » Virtual Pub 73: X-Men movies of future Past


Da nanananana Da na, Da nanananana Da na, Da nanananana Da Da… DA Na! Read More »