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Teen Witch (1989) Commentary Track for Movieboozer.com


Who the fuck wants to watch a 1980s Teen movie about witches?  Not us, but we’re doing it anyway. Watch along on Netflix with your favorite friends, or worst enemies.

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Movieboozer.com Virtual Pub 129: a Wasteland of movies…


The movieboozer team discusses movies.  Watch?

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Movieboozer.com Virtual Pub 128: No one say any new movies… $&#@ it…

ain't seen shit

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The Fantastic Four (Unreleased) Commentary for Movieboozer.com

Fantastic Four

Schlock Auteur Roger Corman was approached by German producer Bernd Eichinger to create a low budget Fantastic Four movie in 1994, allegedly in order to retain film rights at all ...

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Movieboozer.com Virtual Pub 127: Phantasmagoric Four, and a real Bah-rn Burner

fantastic four

This week the movieboozer team discusses the new Fantastic Four, and Shaun the Sheep.  How is the claymation movie more real than the one with a human cast? Watch our conversation to ...

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Movieboozer.com Virtual Pub 126: Mission: Unflappable – Cruise Control


This week, the Movieboozer team discusses/reviews the Mission Impossible sequel (in typically spoilerific fashion), and also talks about the Deadpool and Zoolander 2 teaser trailers, Vacation, and the Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer: ...

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The Marine (2006) Movieboozer Commentary

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The Marine is a crazy action movie from WWE films, and the Movieboozer crew sits down to watch it. Follow along with your own copy and enjoy the ride!

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Face/Off (1997) Movieboozer Commentary


Audio Commentary recorded by Bill Arceneaux and Hawk Ripjaw.  Ken was watching along, but unable to speak due to a sore throat.  Taking advantage of the situation, Bill and the ...

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Movieboozer.com Virtual Pub 125: Pixelate This AKA The Bill Show


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Movieboozer.com Virtual Pub 124: I saw an Ant-man, crawling along the edge of a straight razor..


The Movieboozer team talks Ant-Man, Trainwreck, Mr. Holmes, Tig, and a lot of other movie/TV related things. This is kind of a catch-all episode!

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