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Movieboozer.com Virtual Pub 135: Illegal Aliens, and other terms that technically apply to both “The Martian” and “Sicario”

Not even Josh Brolin is safe...that's when shit is getting real.

This week the movieboozer team talks Sicario, The Martian, Call me Lucky, and other recent releases.  Listen to the Podcast on Soundcloud or Itunes, or watch our videostream below!

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Movieboozer.com Virtual Pub 134: Pawn Sacrifice, Everest, and other Hits


This week the Movieboozer team talks Tobey McGuire in Pawn Sacrifice, and plays catch up with other films from previous weeks.

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Die Another Day (2002): Commentary for Movieboozer.com


Bill Leon and Ken from Movieboozer watch “Die Another Day” and talk over it.  To watch along, put on your DVD/Blu-Ray/Streaming copy of the film and press play when we ...

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Movieboozer.com Virtual Pub 133: Black Mass Runner: The Whitey Bulger Trials


This week the movieboozer.com team talks Johnny Depp’s new film Black Mass, as well as The Maze Runner 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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Movieboozer.com Virtual Pub 132: Visiting Turbo Kid for 90 minutes?


This week the movieboozer team reviews The Visit, Turbo Kid, 90 Minutes in Heaven, among other things.

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Movieboozer.com Virtual Pub 131: Heated Leftovers


This week the movieboozer team explores movie news, recently watched movies/TV on streaming, and other random topics.

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Barfly! (podcast) Episode 1: Fantastic Four


A podcast starring: Bill Arceneaux & Hawk Ripjaw Listen in as Bill Arceneaux and Hawk Ripjaw – you know, from the Pubcast – take some seats at the newest bar, ...

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Movieboozer.com Virtual Pub 130: Summertime Movie Favorites


In lieu of any decent theatrical releases, and with Summer coming to a close, the Movieboozer team each picked a movie that makes them think of Summer movie viewing.

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Teen Witch (1989) Commentary Track for Movieboozer.com


Who the fuck wants to watch a 1980s Teen movie about witches?  Not us, but we’re doing it anyway. Watch along on Netflix with your favorite friends, or worst enemies.

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Movieboozer.com Virtual Pub 129: a Wasteland of movies…


The movieboozer team discusses movies.  Watch?

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