MovieBoozer Podcast Virtual Pub 114: The one where everyone saw something different…


Watch as the movieboozer team discuss Child 44, Paul Blart Mall Blart 2, True Story, among others.   Read More » Virtual Pub 113: 0010101111010101010000010010101000101010101010


The team sat down to discuss Daredevil, among other things but google hangouts on air decided to take a shit.  The result of which is a 2+ hour conversation being condensed ... Read More » Virtual Pub 112: Furiously self-gratifying, or Seven sequels of suck?


The movieboozer team reviews Furious 7, which was apparently good? Read More » Virtual Pub 111: Homing in on Fateful Hardness (what does that even mean?)


The movieboozer crew discusses why they haven’t seen too many movies lately. And also “Home”, “Get Hard”, and a true darling of Indie cinema: Neil Breen’s “Fateful Findings” Read More »

KISS and Tell (A music Podcast) Ep. 14: Animalize

KISS and Tell is a podcast where critics Bill Leon and Ken Eckman go over the career of the band Kiss. This episode covers Kiss’ 1984 Platinum-seller; “Animalize”. We’ll ... Read More » Virtual Pub 110: Diverging from the Topic


Another week in what is turning into the least interesting March in film history. Read More » Virtual Pub 109: Lee Marvin ran all night for Cinderella’s Glass slipper

Cinderella Beads

Watch as the movieboozer team struggles wholeheartedly to find a subject worth discussing. Read More » Virtual Pub 108: Gary Busey wears an Assless Chappie


The Movieboozer team discusses new releases, Gary Busey, and ponders why March is suddenly the new January. Read More » Virtual Pub 107: Focus on the topic


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Oscar Night 2015- Movieboozer Party


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