Thursday, April 24, 2014


Trailer Reviews

Trailer Reviews: Bears, A Haunted House 2, Heaven is for Real, & Transcendence


By: Hawk Ripjaw - Bears Unfortunately, I don’t think this will be the movie. Beer Prediction The only thing about bears I like are their hugs, right guys? Bear hugs? Please, someone ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: Draft Day, Oculus, & Rio 2


By: Hawk Ripjaw - Draft Day Draft Day is like a perfect storm of things you don’t want to see in a movie.  The Cleveland Browns, Ivan “Please Don’t Look at My ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: Captain America: The Winter Soldier & The Grand Budapest Hotel


By: Hawk Ripjaw - Captain America: The Winter Soldier If you’ve ever doubted the fact that Chris Evans could probably seriously fuck you up, those doubts should be handily demolished after watching ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: Bad Words, Cesar Chavez, Noah & Sabotage


By: Hawk Ripjaw - Bad Words Jason Bateman makes his fucking directorial debut with this fucking movie. Shit, it’s about time; this cocksucker has been starring in all these fucking funny movies ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: Divergent, God’s Not Dead & Muppets Most Wanted


By: Hawk Ripjaw - Divergent These days, it’s almost like these teen novels cherry pick from a pool of commonly-used attributes. A girl falling in love with a mysterious, powerful guy? Check. ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: Need For Speed and Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club


By: Hawk Ripjaw - Need for Speed I know you turkeys probably remember one major thing about Need for Speed, and it has to do with one particular theme song: Though it’s ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: 300: Rise of An Empire, Mr. Peabody & Sherman


By: Hawk Ripjaw - 300: Rise of an Empire Not sure exactly how WB was able to figure out what I call it when I get an erection, but in this NSA ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: Non-Stop, Son of God

lego non-stop trailer

By: Hawk Ripjaw - Non-Stop There are some things that are just better when you add a certain sentence. Take the classic “in bed,” for example. “Blake Lively is really hot…in bed.” ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: 3 Days to Kill, Pompeii


By: Hawk Ripjaw - All right, I’ve got allergies and I am wicked tripping on a cocktail of Samuel Adams and Flonase. Also, I’m drinking beer! ALSO it took me three tries ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: About Last Night, Endless Love, RoboCop, Winter’s Tale


By: Hawk Ripjaw - About Last Night  What about last night? I think the question is answered in the trailer. Some stuff happens, then more stuff happens, and people bang, and there ... Read More »