Friday, March 6, 2015


Trailer Reviews

Trailer Reviews: Chappie, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel & Unfinished Business


By: Hawk Ripjaw –   Chappie Neill Blomkamp is a director with a lot of talent and visual panache. He also has a bad habit of throwing a lot of random ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: Focus & The Lazarus Effect


By: Hawk Ripjaw – Focus A lot of my Will Smith goodwillsmith vanished when I saw After Earth, a movie so bad that even Will Smith said it was shitty. The ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: The DUFF, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, & McFarland, USA


By: Hawk Ripjaw – The DUFF Ah, high school. I remember it fondly. The redistribution of tuition funds to the football team (which still never won a single game), the absolutely ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: Fifty Shades of Grey & Kingsman: The Secret Service


By: Hawk Ripjaw – Fifty Shades of Grey As a psychology major, and having worked on a number of studies in college, calling something shitty and having actual evidence to back ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: Jupiter Ascending, Seventh Son & The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water


By: Hawk Ripjaw – Jupiter Ascending I was originally kind of excited for this because, hey, it has all of the things that I generally like in a movie: Channing Tatum ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: Black or White, The Loft & Project Almanac


By: Hawk Ripjaw – Black or White If I’m reading the synopsis correctly, the title literally refers to the core conflict of the film. That’s right: race! And that’s not even ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: The Boy Next Door, Mortdecai, & Strange Magic


By: Hawk Ripjaw – The Boy Next Door I’ll reiterate my thoughts from the pubcast on this film. I’m very convinced that this started out as a farce, and the producer ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: American Sniper, Blackhat, Paddington, & The Wedding Ringer


By: Hawk Ripjaw –  American Sniper BLAM! Bradly Cooper just blew your fucking head off! How does that feel? AMERICA. Beer Prediction It’s probably better than Shooter.   Blackhat Hacking, man. ... Read More »

Trailer Reviews: Inherent Vice, Selma & Taken 3


By: Hawk Ripjaw –  Inherent Vice This movie obviously resonated strongly with me, given some parallels I can easily draw with the main character: getting yelled at by intimidating men, women ... Read More »

Trailer Review: The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death


By: Hawk Ripjaw –  The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death I remember back when I saw the first Woman in Black remake a couple of years ago. College classes ... Read More »