Sunday, July 27, 2014


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Hunks Land Flicks, Edgar Makes the Wright Choice, and Robert Redford’s Grotesque Face Scares Republicans and Children


By: Henry J. Fromage - If you remember, Marvel recently bitch-slapped Edgar Wright and repo’d his decade-in-the-making Ant-Man because original vision, lack of corporate pandering, yadda, yadda, yadda. Well, the ... Read More »

Box Office Preview: ‘Lucy’, ‘Hercules’ Face off for First


By: Matt Conway -  July has been a bit of a box office letdown, with a few hyped releases failing to break out. However, the final weekend of July looks ... Read More »

The Felix-Ripjaw Debate: Dracula Caught Batfisting Chewbacca At Star Wars Cock-Ring Cantina!!


It’s like my neighbors watching me smear rocky road on my face and crysturbate through John Hughes movies have never seen a white girl before. Luckily Hawk was able to ... Read More »

‘Dawn’ Repeats in First, ‘Purge’ Leads New Releases


By: Matt Conway -  This weekend saw the release of three non-blockbusters that all opened with mixed results. None of the three could top the box office king. Repeating in ... Read More »

R.I.P. James Garner


By: Henry J. Fromage - 2014 has been a year of incredible loss for beloved character actors, and yesterday we lost another- James Garner. Over his 50-plus year career, he ... Read More »

Shit Gets Intense in Hollywood


By: Henry J. Fromage - Hollywood’s always loved itself a good ‘ol fashioned survival tale, especially one based on a true story of extraordinary perseverance. Well, worry not, dear reader, ... Read More »

Box Office Preview: Crowd of New Releases Battle for First

Planes Purge

By: Matt Conway -  July has gotten off to a relatively quiet start, but that looks to change with one of the most crowded weekends of the summer movie season ... Read More »

The Felix-Ripjaw Debate: Gremlins Caught Packing That Derm On Dwayne’s Johnson!!


If you eat enough cheesecake, Dad’ll come back (lies I’ve told diabetics). This also applies to tequila and white girls. But I digress. Welcome back to the forty-second Felix-Ripjaw Debate ... Read More »

‘Apes’ Conquers the Weekend


By: Matt Conway -  After the worst performing Fourth of the July of the millennium, the weekend after was again rather quiet, but had one true breakout performer. Commanding the ... Read More »

I Say TruckNutz in Here Somewhere, Promise


By: Henry J. Fromage – There’s a lot of stupid shit being made in Hollywood right now, so let’s take a break from it and talk about some stuff that ... Read More »