Saturday, September 20, 2014


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Tom Hiddleston, Grumpy Cat… All the Internet’s Favorite Things


By: Henry J. Fromage – This week everything’s coming up Tom Hiddleston, which is kind of strange (it’s not like he has a movie to promote right now or anything), ... Read More »

Box Office Preview: ‘Maze Runner’ Leads a Crowded Weekend


By: Matt Conway –  The fall movie season finally seems to be in full swing, with a crowded weekend of releases hopefully waking up what has been a weak past ... Read More »

The Felix-Ripjaw Debate: Channing Tatum Drops Magnificent Underpants at Underworld Gangbang Gala!!

Pretty sure that sound you’re hearing is uteruses exploding.

It’s like my neighbors watching me clutch my dog, screaming “YOU CAN’T EVER LEAVE ME” set to Air Supply have never seen a white girl before. But I digress. Wecome ... Read More »

‘Good Deeds’, ‘Dolphins’ Lead, ‘Drop’ Surprises


By: Matt Conway –  While the second weekend of September was still a quiet weekend at the box office, impressive debuts by new releases lend hope to what could be ... Read More »

2015 Oscar Power Rankings Week 2


By: Henry J. Fromage – This Oscar Season is shaping up to be a doozy, as it really is pretty much impossible to identify a front-runner or two in the ... Read More »

I Would Make a Clever Title, but I Can’t Top the Fact that Tommy Wiseau’s in Samurai Cop 2


By: Henry J. Fromage – Over the past week we’ve been getting a steady stream of news out of the Toronto International Film Festival, most of which you can read ... Read More »

Box Office Preview: ‘Dolphins’, ‘Deeds’ Battle for First


By: Matt Conway –  After the lowest earning weekend in over two years, the second weekend of September promises a more competitive weekend, as two new releases battle for first. ... Read More »

The Felix-Ripjaw Debate: Superman Caught In Impossibly Colossal Gangbang At Batman’s Circlejerk Jamboree!!


I found a Snickers bar wedged behind a loaf of moldy bread in my fridge today, so don’t even fucking tell me heaven on earth isn’t real, Hawk. But I ... Read More »

‘Guardians’ Leads, ‘Identical’ Bombs in Slow September Start


By: Matt Conway –  The first weekend of September is usually the slowest weekend of year in the box office, and this year was no different. With the only new ... Read More »

2015 Oscar Power Rankings Week 1


By: Henry J. Fromage – “I read over last year’s first Power Rankings before writing this one, and what jumped out at me was how damn hard it is to ... Read More »